Thursday, 7 May 2009

2009 Season Tourny List - 1500pts

Okay, first off I apolgiese for the lack of hobby content at the moment, suffice to say I am working away, and they'll be something to show for it in the next post or two, it's kinda fustrating as theres lots I want to work on, but as ever being slow as I am not enough hours in the day.

I've been mulling over the Guard list as you do with a shiny new codex, with my mind turned to this years Grand Tournament (almost certainly it'll be Heat 3 this year for the Exeter Inquisition team). I'm of course planning on using Guard this year after taking a break and playing Sisters in 2008, and I'm going competative with them - well I hope so anyway! As it stands this is what I've got in mind.

Company Commander @75pts
inc. Standard Bearer, Autocannon Team

A basic Commander, he'll sit with the firebase to keep them in place with the Standard, while the Autocannon team provides some mid-range AT.

Pysker Battle Squad @90pts
inc. Overseer, 7 Pyskers
Chimera @55pts

The Pysker Battle Squad, with Chimera for protection these guys will either lay down a nice template each turn which the numbers give plenty of strength, or see a squad running thanks to Weaken Resolve, this could be especially useful against small elite units, specificly the ones which are hard to put down with firepower (yes Ork Nob Bikers I'm looking at you).

Infantry Platoon
Platoon Commander @40pts
inc. Autocannon
Infantry Squad @85pts
inc. Plasma Gun, Lascannon Team
Infantry Squad @85pts
inc. Plasma Gun, Lascannon Team
Infantry Squad @85pts
inc. Plasma Gun, Lascannon Team

The firebase, Guard may have lots of new toys, and be far more mobile now, but it's still the Infantry doing what they do best which are fairly key to any list, this force will be the core of the firebase, and hold ground.

Infantry Squad @55pts
inc. Flamer
Infantry Squad @55pts
inc. Flamer

These two squads will provide um... cover for the firebase, or act as objective takers, their Flamers give me a little help against hordes.

Veteran Squad @100pts
inc. 3 Meltaguns

Veteran Squad @100pts
inc. 3 Meltaguns

Vendetta @130pts

Valkyrie @130pts
inc. Multiple Rocket Pods

The armour killers and mobile element of the force, it's a standard trick really, each Veteran Squad is mounted up in a Valk or Vendetta, using the Scout move to get into a first turn strike position, or Outflank where thats not possible. The Vendetta's lascannon reinforce this, while the Valk's Multiple Rocket Pods are a useful addition to dealing with Hordes.

Roughrider Squadron @55pts
inc. 5 Roughriders

I still wont leave home without these guys, a little counter-assault can go a long way.

Leman Russ @170pts
inc. Hull Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Leman Russ Demolisher @185pts
inc. Hull Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Russ, Russ, Glorious Russ. The final piece of the firebase, a pair of Russ, one standard pattern, one Demolisher as it would be rude not too, backed up with sponsons when stationary these two can lay down a scary amount of firepower now (as if they did'nt already with the previous codex).

Total = 1495pts


Itkovian said...

That's looking really good. My thoughts have been churning on a similar list recently too. I initially though flamers for veterans FTW! then realised that they're BS4 and it would be a shame to waste them...

The list looks nice and balanced, with a solid firebase that has enough cover from other squads to stick around and a very dangerous mobile element that can really be a thorn in the side of anyone's battleplan, I like it. Let us know how it went once you've tested it.

James said...

Good gaming standard

Farmpunk said...

after playing a few games against Guard, I'm really considering taking sponsons off.

unless the Russ is parked, it can't really fire them. I think maybe the single lascannon on a Russ might be better.

I think perhaps on a Demolisher still going with Plas cannon sponsons, for some longer range fire, but I'm not convinced that a sinlge lascannon might not be better on the Demolisher as well.

being able to move and fire the cannon and a Lascannon is nice.

folkert said...

I Like the List a lot, but I do think it's a bit of a waste to only have 7 psykers in your psyker battle squad, give them 1 extra and you'll be insta-killing MEQ's.

James G said...

Hey, that list is pretty good. Starting a praetorian guard army myself at the moment and although GW has made the Valkyrie rediculously good, I'm hesitent to include them as I'm not sure how well they fit the army theme.

Farmpunk: Can't Russes fire all weapons as long as they move less than 6" in the new rules?

Col.Gravis said...

Itkovian, I must admit to pondering the flamer issue as well, I'm tempted to want to replace one Melta with a Heavy Flamer, while this does'nt play to their BS4 strength, my time playinjg Sisters has proven to me time an time again it is a damn uesful weapon for shifting units from cover.

Farmpunk, the three Heavy Bolter fit has always been my standard under 4th and 5th editions, Ive always found it to be far more useful then a single Lascannon on account your averaging more hits, even against tough targets if you force enough saves they will fail one or two, that said I'm keeping an open mind to it, I'll see how the fit performs under 5th, given it's now effectively 5pts more expensive.

folkert, your right there, I missed a trick! I may drop the Company Commanders Autocannon (given hes gonna be needing to be hidden safely much of the time) and invest in the 8th pysker.

James G, you are completely right, this army list does'nt fit in with the theme of Praetorians at all, it's intention is as a purely competative list, something I've not toyed with for Guard since when the last edition of hte codex came out and I played around with Drop Troopers for a while, I'll knock out some themed list's later on.

With regards to the Russ rules, the Turret mount can be fired in addition to normal weapons when moving 6" or less, so if you dont move everything can be fired, if you do it's turret and one main weapon (i.e. S5+).

75th Praetorian said...

Something you may wish to keep in mind concerning using your command squads as static fire bases, is that their command radius for orders is only 12" for the Company commander and 6" for the Platoon commander. If they stay behind they will only be able to issue orders to themselves essentially. Grenade launchers, though far less effective than autocannons, would allow your command squads to advance with your troops, while offering some cover fire, and keeping them within command range (abilities you may as well use since their value is built into the army unit's point costs).

75th Praetorian said...

Upon a second look at the list, I realized the oversight on my part with the previous comment (I missed the fact that the bulk of the infantry are meant to stay put). I do apologize for cluttering the space.

Willard said...

It's a nice looking list, similar to one I was thinking of. My only concern would be the Valkyries compromising the theme of your army.

I've been consistently impressed with your modelling skills, and thought I might suggest an idea to you.

I recently started converting an Inquisitorial army in zeppellins, using the advice from this website: -

The technique works, so give it a go!
I recently tried the advice on this website

Hudson said...

Looks like a nice competitive list. I like the mix of the Vendetta and Valk with MRP -- Thats what I'm looking at doing myself.