Tuesday, 26 May 2009

D Company Sergeants (Part 1)

I'm a bit slow off the mark with this one, but better late then never.

The new codex presented a new problem for squad leaders, Sergeants no longer have the option to take Lasguns. Of all the changes in the new codex this has been the one which has bugged me the most, it was in my mind a silly and unnessercery little change to make. The only reason I can see for it is to distinguish which model is the Sergeant, which should'nt be an issue anyway in my mind. Still to make the best of it I've put aside some models to be converted as new Sergeants with Laspistol & Chainswords. Now it's true the Praetorian range includes two such models, but largely unconverted these have been used as my Platoon Commanders so are out of the running without some work - which some of them will be. The first six will be for the two existing finished platoons.

The first conversion is based on a misscast Standard Bearer I had lurking in my bits box. I was a little unsure what to do with him at first, an I'm still not sure I'm right with the pose with his chainsword as is and a pistol held at his side, we'll see once he gets a bit nearer being finished.

The second and third models are based on the Lasgun 1 model, they'll both be identical with one hand waving to the troops while the other will hold a Laspistol. This conversion has involved removing both Lasgun and some pouches, as well as resculpting much of the front torso so it's actually quite a big job, but I really like the pose and am looking forward to turning it into a nice looking Sergeant. The models will have a empty holster like all the others, but the scabbard for his sword will be full.

The forth conversion is based on actual Praetorian Sergeant model with Power Sword, except his power sword is replaced with a Chainsword and the braid has been removed, his pistol is also switched with one of the plastic Cadian ones which all the Sergeants will have for consistancy.

The next model meanwhile is based on the other Sergeant, this is probably the easiest of the lot again a pistol swap and the braid has been removed, otherwise he'll just be getting a holster and scabbard.

The final model for the first batch of new Sergeants is based on a Bugler model, as well as removing the braiding I've altered the angle of his chainsword arm, to complete the conversion I'm replacing the bugle arm with a newly sculpted one which will hold a pistol in a similar pose to the stock Power Sword Sergeant. Actually I think this one is shaping up to be my favourite.

As with my old Sergeant's they'll each get their chevron stripes on the sleeves of their arms - and as for the older Sergeants, well they're taking demotions back to Guardsmen, giving me the first few painted models for the third Platoon of D Company, I'm quite tempted to get on with painting the Platoon as a whole soon, maybe once the Leman Russ I'm working on is finished.


Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Col. how many men do you have in each of your platoons? I am also building a Praetorian Company. I have more than enough minis for 3 55 man platoons. However, the changes in the style of play in 5th Ed. and the new IG codex don't really lend themselves to the old fashioned gun line. I'm still determined to build all 3 platoons. I love your conversions. Keep up the great work!

sovietspace said...

Great work as usual Col. I've been throwing around some IG lists, looking at get my Praetorians back in the action, and the thought of having to convert some Sergeants is a really off-putting thought. How I wish I had you GS'ing skills!

Keep up the good work!

King's Standard Bearer said...

great read. I didnt know you had to do that but then again its not a problem for me working with plastic cadians. Those old school chainswords are so much better than the plastic kit ones, they're so much better proportioned!

Fugitive said...

I agree that this is by far the most annoying change in the new codex. I put alot of time into convering my lasrifle sergents. Making sure they had their sgt. markings on their arms and everything. I don't mind making new sgt's. I just dont know what to do with the old ones. They won't pass as ordinary guards.

Siph_Horridus said...

Some good green stuff work there. Nicely done and good luck.

ColKillgore said...

I went the east route. I had a bunch of extra standard bearers with broken standard poles, so I cut the rest of the poles off and added pistols.

Col.Gravis said...

Crazy Red, good to see another Praetorian! I'll get your blog linked up! My platoons run at 35 men each, the reason for this is too keep a company in line with the victorian standards which had an establishment level of 110men including 3 officers for each Infantry Company, 3 Platoons (two lead by 'Officers' one by a Colour Sergeant) plus a Comapny Command Squad gives me that number :)

Sovietspace, you dont have to go quite as far as I have, the good ColKilgore is taking a nice way around it with simple weapons swaps which is just a snice a way to do it.

KSB, agreed, plastics makes it much preferable though I too repfer the metal chainsword, even if they do lack some of the nicer detail.

Fugitive, your right it is a pain, luckily for me my old sergeants just had chevrons on their sleeves which I can remove easily enough, but for others it's not so easy, sadly I fear it's just one of those things we'll have to suffer.

Willard said...

Why not use old sergeants with lasguns as the basis of a veteran squad?

Just make sure every model in the unit is a sergeant, and it'll be a nice way to differentiate the squad.

Col.Gravis said...

Now that would of been quite a sensible solution lol, too late now though, they've been stripped of their chevrons and moved into 3rd Platoon ah well lol