Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Plastic Valhallans Spotted!/?

So in the new Imperial Knight codex there's a picture of a red Knight with some Valhallans. It's been photoshopped to look painted, but the knight is obviously a posed model. The Valhallan you can see clearly doesn't match any of these

Are the guard really painted in? Or is it a prototype greatcoat plastic guard? Col. Gravis himself says the lasgun matches the newer plastic ones over the old mid-nineties ones. He's got an eye for detail!

Whilst we obviously can't reproduce the whole image here, here's a corner of it.

Tinfoil hats on and over to you -

What do you think? It looks like it's on a slotta base to me!

(Should you like to have a look in the codex yourself, here's a cheeky link to it on the Kirton Games webstore:

Valhallans gone
Valhallans rumoured (see comments):



Col.Gravis said...

Hah, um cheers Tim.

I agree the Knight in the full size picture looks like its an actual model which has been imported. I'm very skeptical over the Valhallan though.

I do agree the Lasgun is the 'current' design, rather then the old Valhallan, so it would definately not be a metal imported as with the Knight. It also has what I'd call a classicly GW pose. But aside from the fact it is likely just a piece of artwork with a Valhallan influence, if it were actually something hidden in plain sight your talking potentially another 3 box sets on what is already a pretty massive release (2x Codex, Ogryns, Hydra/other vehicle options, Taurox, Stormtroopers, plus whatever clam pack characters are bound to be part of the release).

Despite previous rumours elsewhere about new IG regimental plastics as part of the release I'm really ready to buy it myself just yet!

Colonel Scipio said...

Oh no - if it is then that means a new army for me.... thanks for sharing!

Col. Ackland said...

I agree that it does look like a new Valhallan mini but as Gravis said, I just can't see it happening in this release.
Something GW make prototypes that never get produced. We have seen that in the past with a set of plastic storm troops (a few years back) which were never released and have now been superseded. It could also very well simply be a conversion.