Friday, 28 March 2014

Militarum Tempestus Pre-Order Deal from Kirton Games & Curious Constructs

The Militarum Tempestus Scions & Taurox are now on pre-order from Kirton Games!

Kirton Games offers a 10% discount from RRP making these kits £18.90 and £26.10 respectively, but on top of that you get FREE UK SHIPPING, meaning that is it, you pay nothing extra!

However, on top of that, for every £10.00 you spend pre-ordering items from Kirton Games between now and midnight on Friday 4th April you'll also receive a £2.00 Discount Coupon to use in the Curious Constructs store! Spend £20.00 you get £4.00 off, spend £50.00 you get £10.00 off etc.

All you need to do is order as normal from Kirton Games, and make sure you are a registered customer on the Curious Constructs webstore to receive your discount coupons.

It means you'll get your hands on these fantastic new kits at an excellent discounted price, quickly, and also have some extra savings on something from Curious Constructs, such as the head swaps discussed in my earlier post! ;)


Colonel Winterborne said...

In a month or two's time (been almost a year since I picked up a brush!) I think I will have to pay your store a visit (at least electronically if not physically!). I hope it is doing well.

All of these new guard toys and your latest constructs are difficult to resist. I reckon my mechanised could use a few taurox (plural tauroxen? perhaps a herd of taurox?)

Zzzzzz said...

Life guards ? Kool.

Looking forward to the Curious Blood Pact as well.

Col.Gravis said...

I know the feel Colonel Winterbourne, I've done some assembly, but previous little painting. Hopefully this Saturday will be kind though!

The Taurox is definately an interesting one, at first I really disliked it, but its really grown on me, so much so I've got a couple on order along with six boxes of Scions for my self, getting to painting them will be interesting though!

I'll drop you an email soon, need to get some more info on your planned game!

Zzzz, Life Guards, you bet 'cha!

Renegades are coming, I'm willing the courier to drop them off!

Colonel Winterborne said...

I'm sorely tempted to put some kind of grill on the sides and front like the Mastiffs the British armed forces use. Thinking they could be the perfect thing for transports for a company of light infantry (possibly the Tallarns).

I've got my order in mind now, just need to wait and so what else GW decide to hit my wallet with this weekend before I place an order!

Looking forward to hearing from you fella! Check out the bat rep I posted, the big game is going to be something else...

Col.Gravis said...

Ah Tallarn, yeah I can see them working well for that, especially with a few desert modifications!

Another email about to ping your way!