Sunday, 9 March 2014

Astra Militarum? It's still the Guard to me! Thoughts, questions and more.

I'm not going to moan about the change in name to our beloved Imperial Guard, I'm sure I speak for many of us who'll continue to call them Guard, and somehow I cant imagine they'll cease to be Imperial Guardsmen! I'm not sure if I like the change or not, but I do understand, I think, the widely suggested reason to enable Games Workshop to better protect their IP, well sort of anyway!

I'm not going to repost the images which have surfaced now, as an independent retailer I'm forbidden from doing so as part of the trade agreement, and you've probably seen them already anyway - if not check out Dakka or one of the multitude of places on facebook they have appeared.

What I'm really interested in is the Militarum Tempestus and the associated kits, and the when.

First up the leaked release date for the Militarum Tempestus stuff is apparently the 5th of April, we know its Chaos this coming weekend (15th March), and we can be reasonably expect more Chaos the following weekend (22nd March). That leaves an unknown in the 29th of March, but with the leaked Astra Militarum codex cover also doing the rounds, is that going to come in there, core codex first, or is it further down the line as with other recent releases? There is speculation on what other kits will be released, namely Ogryns, an Artillery kit (i.e. upgraded Basilisk etc), but there are plenty of other rumors depending on who you believe.

Storm Trooper plastics have been talked about for ages of course, but that seems to be what the Tempestus release contains, certainly the Scions look like Storm Troopers, and the name Militarum Tempestus has been broken down to indicate being a Storm Trooper codex, all well and good. But this does seem to indicate they might be taken out of the core Guard codex, which strikes me as weird - why do I say they may be out? Well because while the Taurox says its for both armies, the Scions are purely for the Militarum Tempestus... Thats a big change, not definately a bad one, but it removes a long standing Guard unit.

The other thing here is when you read the snippet of visible text on the Scions leaked picture 'Tempestus Scions are a brotherhood of cold hearted killers who operate outside...'.

That does'nt sound like Storm Troopers, so what is going on here?

The kit itself for the Scions is a beauty, my Praetorians are going to welcome them, a quick head swap will give me the Life Guard's I've always wanted with little additional work, so I'm happy about the models, if indeed they are Storm Troopers, or what is replacing them.

I've only mentioned the Taurox in passing, I'm still unsure about it, at first glance I hated it. But I'm finding my opinion of this unconventional (by Guard standards) vehicle is softening, I'm growing to perhaps like it - but we'll see!

So come on then, what are your thoughts on the change in name? When do you think we'll get the core codex and who do you believe when it comes to what other kits we'll be getting? What do you think of the whole Militarum Tempestus thing, Storm Troopers, not Storm Troopers? And of course the models! Happy with the direction things are going? Rant, rave, love, hate, I'm interested to hear the thoughts of my fellow Guard players on just what we're seeing here!


xNickBaranx said...

I think its exciting. I remember when 3rd Edition 40K came out and all of the army lists were in the main book, there were alternate army lists for every army - one of the ones for IG was an all Stormtrooper army. I thought that was a really cool idea and the Gaunt's Ghosts novels reinforced the differences between how storm troopers and standard IG regiments perceived each other. I definitely think its cool.

Combine that with the very nebulous Codex structure now, and GW giving us everything under the sun, I see it as a very exciting time for everyone.

Sure, the Chaos players will still complain, but that's why they turned towards Chaos in the first place - they all felt snubbed. It fits.

But as a long standing Imperial player, its like they're taking the things only briefly discussed in the background and fleshing it out and I love it.

Knight of Infinite Resignation said...

I'm getting tired of random fluff changes and things appearing out of the air. The most annoying was the major changes to the Iron Hands fluff in their new 'codex'.

There is enough undeveloped material in the old fluff for lots of new units (such as Imperial Knights), so I don't understand why GW are adding a new unit and vehicle that doesn't seem to fit the background. I guess the Old Guard have all left GW and with them the soul of the company has gone too.

The new tank is completely hideous, and simply looks like it wouldn't work as a vehicle. How does it steer?

Don't mind the name change however. I'll still call them guard though.

Phil Millar said...

It probably steers like a tank, having tracks and all...

I like it, and i' sure in the flesh it'll look great.

Le Guillaume said...

The scions look promising although i'd have prefered a combo kit hardened veterans/kasrkin. Wait and see.
As to the vehicle it's hideous and a radical break from IG esthetics, i despise the puny tracks and i can't see how they'd fit a turret pit and a driver seat at the same place. I'd like to have a better look at that model, it may find it's place, in an ork army, or a renegade guard force.

Talasa Prime said...

As a painter rather than a gamer I've been waiting for these plastic Stormtroopers for what feels like years.

Rather than listening to my inner fanboy however, I should actually have been looking at GW recent kits.

The Scions themselves look promising as long as they come with enough rebreather heads (but that's an issue of personal taste).

The vehicle on the other hand: I'm afraid I can't find any love for it. It looks totally out of place with the other IG tanks. It's just plain ugly.

GW's recent history has been one of releasing large models that in my mind at least, look more like the sort of thing I would have gone crazy for as a 10 year old boy. They look too toy like. Ok, I can hear one or two people saying, but that's what they are. However, GW has always had something of a split clientelle. There are the younger gamers (whom these things seem to be aimed at) and there are you older gamers/ collectors who I imagine want something a little more sophisticated looking. (Hey, maybe I'm wrong!!)

More and more I'm finding myself buying Forgeworld only. At least their designers seem to know how to design a tank.

Stormwell said...

Really dislike both the new name and THAT truck thing, though quite liking the new Stormtrooper models.

Really waiting to see what the new Codex is like, mainly what other surprises await such as whether or not they let Matt Ward anywhere near the fluff.

Col.Gravis said...

Looks like GW may have a swing and miss on their hands then, I've not read anyone unhappy with the look of the Storm Troopers yet, but likewise there dont seem to be many speaking up for the Taurox yet.

Now then, I gather there are some new pictures doing the rounds, Ogryns and Hydras anyone? Gonna go find them!

Admiral Drax said...

Mate, I love your point about chaos SO very much!

Admiral Drax said...

The stormies look like really nice kits, and rather pleasingly their poses and kit are strongly reminiscent off ALL of the previous inventions of GW stormtroopers: a real 'nod' to us oldies (generic banner notwithstanding).

Actually, that banner, interestingly, has the same lightning flash on it as the old fixed-pose plastic stormies...which is ALSO on the side of the Taurus!

re. the other stuff, I find the organs pretty 'meh' and the hydra much as expected.

Gravis, that quote you picked put about Scions: might it be preceded by something like, "There are some who claim..."?

Admiral Drax said...


Le Guillaume said...

you mean these photos ? :)

The new ogryns look more imperial with that gear that looks basic but imperial basic and no longer ork scrap armor basic. I'm still not sold on the heads but looks liek it will be easy to replace them. Like, say, wheels for some truck kit, this could make the fortune of some polish resin company.