Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Discount Cadian Infantry Platoon Deal - Kirton Games Deal of the Week

This weeks Deal of the Week from Kirton Games is sure to appeal to Imperial Guard players! 

An Imperial Guard Infantry Platoon deal which includes a Cadian Command Squad, a Cadian Heavy Weapons Squad and two Cadian Shock Trooper Squads all for £60.40 including UK Delivery. 

Thats a fantastic 20% off the RRP!

Check it out!

Don't miss out, the deal ends on Monday, with another Guard deal you won't want to miss being announced on Friday evening! And don't forget the previous deal from Curious Constructs is still valid as well, with the Platoon Deal you'll earn yourself a further £12.00 in money off Vouchers on top of the 20% already saved from RRP!


Courtney Hollyoake said...

Must....finish....current...projects!!! I may have to take you up on one of these weekly deals.

Col. Ackland said...

Must... the UK!!!

Col. Hertford said...

Curse you! I just pre-order 5 boxes of Scions, now this! Better get a kidney out... I have two after all,

Col.Gravis said...

lol I'm afraid there are a couple more weeks of Guard themed ones to come as well, for some random reason...! ;)

In fact this weeks will be starting early to coincide with what goes live tonight at about 6-7pm!

My wallet is hurting too, I've got 4 boxes of Scions and a Taurox sitting on my hobby desk now, with plans to add two more boxes of Scions and another Taurox in the next couple of weeks.

But need to make some other purchases first!

Col.Ackland, I'll do you a house swap! Bloomin weather!