Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Warlord Games ECW Parliamentarian Foote (Part 1)

And here we go, delving into the unknown!

I've now assembled the first sprue of my Parliamentarian Infantry from Warlord Games, the box set contains four sprues of models, one Command Sprue and three of infantry, as well as a further sprue of bases. They are advertised as allowing the modeller to create a 40 man regiment with a retail price of £18.00, which certainly makes them a good deal compaired too a comparable amount of GW plastics.

Each infantry sprue has 8 Muskteer and 5 Pike bodies with two basic pose variations for each (they are single piece Legs, Torso and Heads), the arms are for the most part seperate with three basic poses (Muskets giving fire, shouldered or at ease, Pikes charged, lowered or at ease), hats and helmets are seperate and there are a few other accessories such as feathers and swords. The result is that though you have plentiful troops there is comparatively little scope for variety in a unit.

The components are all nicely sculpted, and have a good amount of detail and go together well - the mold lines are fairly typical, but are with a few exceptions fairly easy to remove, only the feet provide any sort of headache.

The limited poses are acceptable for a regimented unit, my only real gripe is the headgear, there are too few of some examples (though Warlord do sell spares seperately), but more to the point some of them are simply too big and do not sit naturally on the head when you get close, it's a minor thing really, but it does bug me somewhat and detracts IMHO from what is otherwise a kit which is both nice in terms of quality and excellent value.

The question is how many models can you actually get from the kit, and how they look together as a whole, I'll find out soon as I'm about to start construction of the rest of the box, for now though, one sprue down.

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