Monday, 1 February 2010

Commission - Vostroyan Nork Deddog (Part 5)

Probably this will be the penultimate post charting the progress of the Vosytroyan Nork Deddog commission, as sculpting has to all intents an purposes been finished. I've added headgear and facial hair amongst other things.

The headgear was my own choice, without it the model is quite stocky, I think it improves the look overal - but it's a look which really needs the weapons to balance it out, a Khurki and a Ripper Gun. The Khurki is simmple a matter of shaping a new blade from plasti-card the Ripper Gun meanwhile is more challenging - after mucking around with bits I'm working around part of a plastic IG Autocannon - hopefully that'll be finsihed this week.


Anonymous said...

You sir, have a talent for this sort of thing. It's almost a shame that he doesn't have a star on his helmet and a cigar in his mouth though. :)

Awesome work!

Col. Corbane said...

Excellent job mate, he's turned out really well. He just screams cossack, it's amazing how a tash and hat can completely change the look of a model.

Eltnot said...

Impressive work so far. I always admire your greenstuffing skills.

Makes me want to try and better my own.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys!

Aye I'm really rather pleased with how this one has turned out, it's been a real pleasure to work on!