Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Colonel Gravis (Part 3)

This weekend see's the PAW 2010 event taking place, this is the Plymouth Association of Wargamers annual event which includes many trade stands, demo games and of course tournaments.

For the first time I'm going along as part of the Exeter Inquisition team which is heading down there (look out for the shirts if your there!), and I'm using it as an excuse to role out the Praetorians again, possibly with a fun list which I'll be maybe taking to the GT final early next month.

There are some unique extra contest's within the tournament however including such acolades as Best Painted Army Commander ... that in mind I'm gonna try an roll out a new Army Command especially for PAW, and yes that means it's the return of Colonel Gravis!

I visited this character last year, basing it from the Forgeworld Death Korps of Krieg Commissaar drawing his sword. Originally it was going to be a simple headswap with the Cadian Sergeant model, I've however had a change of heart and while the conversion remains simple I'm using a different head selected from the WFB Empire Outriders. The head of course is slightly out of scale, but I really like it, and given the amount of time I've got to get this done I can't now be too choosey.

I'll be going with his Pith Helmet on the floor once I get to it, but first there is the minor matter of getting him painted within a week... ho hum.

I've started work on painting him, some of the base coating is done, but a long way to go. I've essentially got three evenings to finish the model, so it's a bit of a race against time - we'll see how it goes!


Fugitive said...

Yes! The triumphant return of Colonel Gravis (the miniature). Good choise on the new head. The flowing hair works perfect with the coat. Very dynamic. Paint looks good so far as well.

I think it's good that he has to be done so soon. That way I don't have to wait to long before I get to se the finnished result. =)

sovietspace said...

I glad you've brought this model back, I really liked it! Cool luck with getting it done in time and good luck at the tourni!

Farmpunk said...

looks good, the scale isn't off too bad. It gives a nice heroic feel to the good Col. Gravis.

keep working!

Wolfy said...

Looks excellent. Keep up the good work and i hope he does well in battle for you.

Admiral Drax said...

Good to see the Colonel.

I think I might be allowed to pop along on Sunday. Will you be there then?

- Chris.

Eltnot said...

Looking pretty nice so far. I look forward to seeing him finished.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys, I'm glad the head is getting approval!

Painting is comming along, I'm hoping that I'll have it ready in time!

Admiral Drax, yes I'll be there both days, keep an eye open for the crimson Exeter Inquisition shirts in the 40k Tournament, one has Col.Gravis on the back just in case the army does'nt give it away! ;)