Thursday, 11 February 2010

And yet something else...

Alongside the English Civil War force - which will be replacing my Space Marines as is only right an proper my Warhammer Fantasy army is also moving to the fore.

As mentioned previously I did have a Fantasy Orc & Goblin army - which I quickly fell out of love with - instead it was sold and replaced with a motely collection of Warriors of Chaos. I quickly settled on doing an all mounted army as the idea appealed to me greatly, even more so when a list which was written for me by one of my club mates proved... somewhat nasty.

Here is the force in full at present, as you can see there are a few unassembled models, several assembled (mostly with whole tubes of glue), a few undercoated and some Knights in varying degrees of ... well something. I'm going to focus on one unit at a time for the moment, they won't be getting a really time consuming paint job, I'm hoping to do this mostly with washes as it's a functional army rather then a really nicely painted one.

The first unit which I'll be working on is this unit of Marauder Horsemen who will be equipped with a Musician, Light Armour, Spears and Throwing Spears - with the Mark of Slaanesh.

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