Saturday, 5 July 2008

All sorts of things.

Yep, here I am again, I did'nt get Colonel Ackland finished for my deadline but such is life, I'd rather do a job I'm happy with then rush it, as is his arms are sculpted so I'll get a post with an update on him soon - I had taken some pics but they came out blury.

Other projects on the go at the moment include the Sister of Battle, which are giving me a headache as I just cant settle on a quick but effective colour scheme. I'm running into my old enemy of not being able to settle down to painting anything thats not quite Guard! I've tried a blue and a green scheme now - may end up just going black after all.

The Levaithan has seen some loving with front plates added, the aquilla and some pseudo barrel rifling inspired by a much better example on Ultrawerke, next up, well I want to get the front rivets done.

I've started painting a Commissar (just because!), and I must admit the new models are still growing on me - though the Nintendo Power Glove is still a little off putting!

Work continues on the Praetorian Resin bits - more on this again soon.

I've begun work on a Baneblade, I'm quite excited by this one, I've wanted to do one of the new Baneblades as a Baneblade for a little while and now I am I want to make a meal of it. The plan is to magnetise both the fore an aft sponson/plate sections to allow swapable sponsons or no sponsons and perhaps more ambitiously the upper hull so that in the future I can convert/scratch build some new upper hull sections to allow the hulls use as potentially any of the Super Heavies based on the Baneblade chasis - I'll do a tutorial on this later on.

Finally for now, a new addition for the Tutorials ready to roll, a simple Apocolypse Minefield. I decided early on I wanted one for a recent Apoc game so I came up with this as an easy way to make one as opposed to using mere counters or paper markers.


Admiral Drax said...

Hey, Matey,

Good decision about Ackland - he stumbles that runs fast.

Are you aware that Forgeworld do conversion sets for the new GW baneblade? Can't wait to see your current projects!

- Drax

Col.Gravis said...

I think so, and the result is somethign I'm more an more happy with, just finishing his lance arm.

I am aware of them yes, the thought occured to me, but I figure I can convert an upper hull which with a magnetised weapon option will be suitable for Shadowsword, Stormblade and Stormsword all for the low low cost of, nothing, well virtually as I think I can do it with bits from my bits box and scraps of plasti-card from the Levithan lol