Thursday, 12 June 2008

Colonel Ackland (Part 3)

Progress continues, 16 days left to finish him if he's gonna make it as an entry for the UK Painting Competition, a few mistakes and bad choices have left the paint a little thick in places, and the more I go on with him the more I realise how far I've got to go, but at the same time looking back at my very first models (maybe I'll post em one day lol) its also so satisfying to realise how far I've come. Please forgive the pics, light is fading here so they're not ideal, the closer up shots give quite a nice idea while the longer away ones show the rough pose of the arms are now going to take.


RonSaikowski said...

Wow, looks great.

I know what you mean when you talk about realizing just how much more there is still to do... even after all the work you've done so far.

Phill MADCT said...

Keep it coming. I hope you do a good base. maybe a deceased ork?

Re:the heads

Sorry to carry this on from the last post but I have to ask. It would also be very useful if we could have some pith melment heads with the option of crests. Doing some hardened vets or stormtroopers using them would be great.

Barry said...

love to watch how the project is coming along, its facinating mate!

keep up the good work!


Captain Steel said...

Astounding as alway Colonel. My blog has finally been updated by the way.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys :)

He's not gonna get finished in time for the contest, but thats life, I hav'nt had time to finish it and I dont wanna rush it.

phill, I could'nt agree more over the heads, if the rumours of plastic storm troopers prove accurate a Life Guard set becomes a real option - that said even now its not too difficult.

And good to see updates Captain Steel, nice one!

Prilladog said...

Hey Col, I've been reading your site and I love it! :)

I kinda felt bad for ya when they removed all the Praetorians from mail order.

Either way I was gonna ask about when the rough riders will be purchaseable, I looked over at the phoenix site but it just confuses me lol, plus being british i don't wanna pay 5 times the cost for shipping, maybe you could shove them on ebay :)

Col.Gravis said...


Hehe truth be told I had'nt bought any Praetorians direct from GW since they took them off the shelves, everything else has been ebay and the like.

I cant say for certain about the Roughriders, I am once again working on them though. The best I can say is watch this space for the time being.