Sunday, 1 June 2008

Colonel Ackland (Part 2)

A bit of an update on Colonel Ackland, most of the sculpting is now done - except the arms - the reason for that being it's gonna be easier to paint the torso before the arms are added, so next it's an undercoat and getting that part painted, then I'll finish the arms.


Ian said...

Looking good! Is he getting the regular Gaunt arms, or what are you arming him with?

Anonymous said...

Looking great but where did the feet come from ?

Col.Gravis said...

He'll be getting new arms, I did consider reusing part of the original sword arm but that seems to have gone missing, not to worry though.

The feet I believe are from some old WFB Kislev Horse Archers, I honestly could'nt say for certain though, just happend to find them in the bits box.