Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sculpts (Part 7)

TrooperPX has does up some test casts of the first batch of components, with that I'm satisfied I'm ready to continue on the project. My plan at the moment is to await being able to get hold of some of these early ones and then to assemble a couple personally, and probably paint. I'll then complete the sculpting, I may try an adjust the width of the torso's a little as they seem quite wide at the moment, will see how they look once I've got assembled models in my hands!


Phill MADCT said...

nice work. looking forward to how these go together with some heads.

Any possibility of seeing heads available for purchase?

Admiral Drax said...

Hey! These are really good! Who - or what - is TrooperPX?

Also, I've six Praetorian figures I'd like to sell off cheap, but I'd like them to go to a good home(!) and thought I'd offer you first refusal...

Oh, and thanks for the advice a month ago: I converted some oval bases for my heavy weapons and i'm very happy with the results - cheers!

Keep up the great conversion work, Gravis...

- Drax

Col.Gravis said...

Aye, I'm looking forward almost to another crack at the heads, I feel a bit more confident about them after some recent practice and Acklands Pith.

I honestly couldnt say if the heads will be available seperately, I'll certainly be asking if it would be possible though, it's something I'd find very useful myself I think.

TrooperPX is one of the casters for the Phoenix Club admiral drax. Thanks for the offer, truth be told I've ceased buying guardsmen for the time being at least, lots to get on with already and finding my funds are getting a bit stretched! And no worries, glad to be of some help!

Captain Steel said...

Don't worry Drax, put them up on E-Bay, they'll sell like hotcakes, I'll certainly be bidding on them.

As to the scuplts, they're excellent, I'll probably take a company of these. The modularity will help with my "Bren Gun carriers" :P