Wednesday, 16 July 2008

WIP - Mag Baneblade and the ongoing Resin Addiction

The chasis of the Baneblade I'm building is now complete, it's looks rough, and to be honest it is, but it's also functional with the key bits magnetised to allow me to swap them around. Though for now I'll only have the Baneblade option thinking ahead with my spares I'll be able to field it with no, one pair or two pairs of sponsons and with an alternative hull top which will allow me to potentially put together a Stormblade, Shadowsword or Stormsword initially. I see no reason I might not be able to do a Stormhammer or Stormlord option in the future as well, the later was initially rumoured to be Chimera like hence magnetising the rear engine block though looking at the pictures which are now about it would appear that there is not a rear hatch as this suggested.

Small magnets are locaeted inside the track assembly and on the components to allow the fore and aft plates to be fitted with plates or sponsons as desired.

Larger magnets are used to hold the upper hull in place are mounted on struts and on the underside of the upper hull, the same for the rear engine block, it all fits together pretty snuggly though.

As too that resin addiction, I managed to pick up a Battery of Forgeworld Heavy Mortars from the Krieg range on ebay at a nice discount and they've just arrived, I've only dry assembled em so far, not even cleaned em up but I've got to say I love these models, really simple but look great, I'll get these done pretty sharpish I think! Now just need to keep my eyes open for some Thudd Guns!


Anonymous said...

I've got one one of these, great model, good on the table top too! I've threatened to get a whole battery like you, usually get the finger when I mention it though. The Thudd gun is good too (my opponents hate it more than the Heavy mortar for some reason). Only have one of those & the thudd gun battery idea also generates all sorts of hate & discontent



kilian said...

Yeah, heavy mortars are great. However, believe me, while the thudd gun looks good on paper it is in fact made of fail and aids. And this is coming from the guy with 2500 of resin krieg units. >.>

Col.Gravis said...

Yep, Im hoping to bring them to bare against a Tyranid Horde in a apoc game on Tuesday, I'm rubbing my hands in anticpation of the carnage!

I agree that the Thudd Gun is'nt quite so special, but for cool factor alone I can't resist the urge ;)

Anonymous said...

Really? My thudd has worked out fairly well for me. Although taking every 3rd turn to reload is a bit annoying.