Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sisters of Battle (Part 3)

At last some significant progress on the Sisters with all the regular sisters of one squad of celestians for the army with the slightly changed paint scheme (black replacing the earlier red), as well as being a little quicker to paint I think it also suits the Sisters to have less flashy colours - after all they are nuns with guns! Despite the appearence the unit is not finished, to make sure I can get the whole lot ready I'm skipping highlighting the black and grey, this will follow in due course once everything is otherwise finished on the army.


Anonymous said...

You know for a lot of us out here (myself included), these would qualify as fully painted & ready to go.


Ian said...

They look good - I definitely like the understated color scheme.

Col.Gravis said...

Glad you approve Ian, I feel likewise that the muted colours works quite nicely :)

True Corey. and it's almost certain this is how they'll play at the GT, I do like to go a little bit further mind, can't help myself sometimes!