Saturday, 6 June 2009

Imperial Navy Valkyrie & Vendetta (Part 2)

I've had a slight change of direction with my Imperial Navy Valkyries, on reflection I've realised I'm very unlikely to want to field them without Missile Pods so my Valkyrie won't be magnetised at all, as such it's now as far assembled as it will be for the time being and is joining the painting queue.

On the same basis I've decided one of the two Valkyries I'm working on will become a permanent Vendetta having proxied one for a couple of games (with another Valkyrie to be added at a later date), the interior was painted as with the Valkyerie with a simple Adeptus Battle Grey and Metal scheme so it was presentable but without spending too much time on it.

There's plenty of filling to be done, but after construction I then got on with the weapons. The nose mounted twin-linked Lascannon was fairly straight forward simply cutting the Lascannon from the other kit where the sensor is on the Vendetta's. At this point I still need to do some Green Stuff work on this especially to merge the weapons together where the bands align.

The wing mounted Lascannon meanwhile are taken from a Landraider kit using the original sponson mounting bracket, this has been cut down to a better size and then mounted on the normal underwing weapons mounts, the weapons themselves are not fixed in place yet as it'll be easier to paint them like this.

Likewise I'll come back to working on this one once it reaches the front of the painting queue, at the moment my plan is too get everything done for my Draft 1500pts Guard Tourny List ready for the 40k Online Tournament in August, it's a bit of a tall order given the list includes 21 Infantry, a Russ, Chimera and both these Imperial Navy craft but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Crazy Red Praetorian said...

My compliments, Col. I haven't tried the Vendetta, yet. I may have to give it a try. The Valkyrie is proving VERY useful.

Itkovian said...

You progress is looking very good!

Good luck with your painting endeavours!