Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Phoenix Club - Resin Praetorian Components

I've had a couple of emails recently concering progress on the Praetorian components I was sculpting a while ago for the Phoenix Club, a non-profit group which arranges the sculpting and casting components and models for gamers, by gamers. I never ended up finishing the job on these for various reasons, the original aim having been to sculpt complete models (though I will eventually come back to such a project!), however some of the components were finished. The Phoenix Club no longer exists however the components are available from TrooperPX on Bartertown.

At the time I post this TrooperPX provides 5 different items (or sets of items) at a cost of US$1 for each item/set, these are;
A, Large torso (for Cadian Legs)
B, "Aiming" arm set (for large torso)
C, "At-ready" arm set (for large torso)
D, Small torso (for riding legs)
E, Riding legs

Just in case anybody does pick any of these up, I'd really love an unbiased review of the components and some pictures of them both assembled and painted, if you think you can help drop me a line at,


King's Standard Bearer said...

interesting stuff, Id love to start a Praetorian army one day... one day.
Please come over and let me know what you think of my Veteran colour schemes!
Craig @ cadian8th

Phill MADCT said...

Really great work dude. If this was three years ago I would have picked these up straight away as I was still painting praetorians but I'm finished now. Really good stuff.

Anonymous said...

i got some of the roughriders, good sculpts, but what arm is that you're using to make a lancer? lasgun-armed riders seems like a waste to me...

AndrewDrexler said...

I ordered a set of 15 of these just before the site went down, and I am highly impressed. The detail is good, scale seems nice, and the quality is great. I would have liked to have seen some lance arms in addition to the lasgun arms, but I am just happy to have Praetorian RRs after many failed attempts. I am finishing other painting projects right now, but the RRs are going to be hitting the assembly\painting table soonish.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys :)

KSB, I'll pop on over!

Anon, the Roughriders were never intended to have Lasgun arms, those were originally for a Cadian -> Praetorian conversion set, I never got to doing Lance arms unfortunately, the arms however should be reasonably simple to convert yourself either from the resin arms or indeed plastic cadian arms, the legs and suffient torso's I think is the main sticking point for many people.

Andrew, I'm glad you like them, I'd love to see some pictures once you've finished working with them!