Wednesday, 3 June 2009

D Company Sergeants (Part 2)

A little bit of an update on my new sergeants models with the first ones almost ready for undercoating and others still only just getting off the blocks.

The first based on a miss cast Standard Bearer has proven the most drawn out, I decided against the original pose and am now instead working towards something similar to the beared Sergeant model with hist pistol raised vertically next to his head, it's by far the most extensive conversion and has been neglected a little while I thought it over, but it is now starting to progress.

The second and third models are both based on the Lasgun 1 model, I'm not quite so keen on them as I was, but I do like them none the less and they're suitably different from the others which is pleasing, they're both nearly completion with a little tidying to do and adding a sword grip in their scabbards.

The forth conversion is based on actual Praetorian Sergeant model with Power Sword, he is very nearly finished, I'm redoing the front of the tunic at the moment which I was'nt quite happy with, otherwise he just needs Chevrons pretty much now.

The next model is based on the other Sergeant and is the first to be finished, well bar drilling the pistol barrel a little.

The final conversion is based on the bugler and has pretty much become my favourite, the arm bugle holding arm has been removed and replaced to hold a pistol and the chainsword arm bent a little , it's very simple but I like it alot despite not being that different from teh standard models.

One problem I did run into was running out - well almost running out - of Commissar Yarrick Swords, something I bought a fair supply of before GW runied it's bits service, to preserve my stock I've started doing a copy from plasti-card, something thats worked out quite nicely. The scabbards are cut from 1.5mm plasti-card, with a width of 2mm and a length of about 16mm, one end is cut to a point an then a small file was used to round the edges.


Itkovian said...

I could have sworn that I commented on this post... ho-hum.

I like the last one especially - he has a very healthy dose of "stiff upper-lip"-type attitude, well done!

Col.Gravis said...

I expect your thinking of the part 1 post, they're very similar truth be told!

But thankyou!