Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Advert - Praetorians For Sale!

Just a quick post, a friend of the blog, Ralph, is currently in the process of selling his quite sizeable Praetorian collection on eBay. The lots include plenty of basic infantry, special and heavy weapons, characters - and those Praetorian Ogryns I did as a commission for him some time back!

If your interested in acquiring some reinforcements, or even a whole new army do take a look at his auctions HERE.


mk6marine said...

Wow!!! Any idea why he is parting with them? Those Ogryns may need to find a home here.

Col.Gravis said...

I believe he wasn't getting on with Infantry heavy guard and decided it was alotof money to sit on and not use, bit of a shame really, personally I'd have restructed to mech perhaps selling part of the collection rather then having a full clear out but there ya go.

I must admit I was very tempted to buy back the Ogryns myself, but I was put off by lack of funds in the run up to my wedding this weekend, plus having a plan in the back of my head to do a complete Ogryn sculptor casting in the future.

Anonymous said...

just bought 4 ogryns, commissar and the painted rough riders and unpainted storm troopers.

cant wait for them to arrive.

its always a shame to see someone put a whole army up for sale.
but then again im happy as ive got some amazing items coming my way.