Friday, 11 June 2010

Misc Space Marines Pads 2

Another quick post with some freshly finished Space Marine shoulder pad designs that I was commissioned to do, the first one (top) is a lion design, it ended up slightly larger then I'd planned but I'm pretty satisfied with it. The second and third are I assume for a Space Marine Chapter which has been infected by Genestealers no less using a couple of classic Tyranid icons which have then been simplified for this small design.


ERGNAS said...

it´s very rare that a chapter becames infected by tiranids genestealers... Imperial guard, ok but... marines?
Anyway its a lovely craftwork, this fine detail is highly apprecieated -I suppose- and more now, because they have left just a few ways to personalize wour armies.This is a very nice one.
see you!

Col.Gravis said...

I concur that its something unlikely background wise, though there is something about the concept I find appealing, I guess thats why I took the commission on.

Anyway, thankyou for the comments :)