Wednesday, 2 June 2010

English Civil War - Edward Montagu's Regiment of Foote (Part 3)

Time to start painting my English Civil War regiment, that of Edward Montagu.

I'm using for reference 'The English Civil War 1642-1651, An Illustrated Military History' by Philip Haythornwaite and first published by Blandford Press in 1983. Reliable sources for uniforms of the period are a bit sketchy and I'm not too concerned in total realism, so I'm using a colour plate from the book which presents Montagu's regiment as wearing a crimson jacket with various browns and leathers for other gear.

The result is this test model, very simply done with base coats including predominantly Blood Red and Khemri Brown with a Devlan Mud wash - I'm not spending alot of time on each model as they'll be in big units, so lots of them.

So thats Roundheads 1 - Cavaliers 0, come on Tim or your gonna lose the war before it's started!


Tim said...

I've raised the kings standard and have begun mustering! For God, King and Country!

Col.Gravis said...

Better get a move on then ;)