Sunday, 2 May 2010

Commission - Praetorian Officers & Sergeants (Part 3)

With a little more work I've finished the four Praetorian 'Character' models, top left has gained a Laspistol and a outstretched pointing arm, top right has had his cloak finished and gained a Laspistol in his exposed hand. Bottom left meanwhile has had a little tidying done and the bottom right has recieved a little more detailing including a small aquilla on the Power Fist.

Job's a good un!


bsmoove said...

Your putty work never ceases to amaze me. You make it look almost effortless, easy. Cheers for these posts.

Vredesbyrd said...

The greenstuff work on these is lovely, professional quality work there Colonel.

Wolfy said...

Very well done on this Colonel!