Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Commission - Praetorian Officers & Sergeants (Part 2)

I've made a fiar bit of progress on the current batch of Praetorian 'Characters' I've been working on for a commission (I really must get round to working on some of my own models sometime soon!)

The first model is very nearly finished, with just a little tweaking and tidying of his holster to go, there really was very little to do with this one, simply combining parts from two models.

The second conversion while probably the most challenging is also infact realitively simple, taking a standard bearer which was incomplete I've added a cloak over his back and across one side, this is almost but not quite finished, the bottom needs finishing and again there is some tidying to do, it's then a simple matter of picking out a suitable weapon for his remaining free arm.

Sorry for the blury picture!

Next up is something I've not tried before, sculpting a power fist, this is simply an arm swap of one of the basic Sergeant models, there is a little bit more work to go on the fist and I also want to tweak the braiding before I call it a day with this one.

The final one is the only one which I've changed slightly from my original plan, switching what were going to be magnoculars for a Laspistol from the bits box in a eureka type moment! I'm really pleased with the look of this model, just need to sculpt his pointing arm and tidy him now.


Col. Corbane said...

I'm really envious of how you get your cloaks to look so smooth. Cracking work on all the guys mate.

Master Darksol said...

That powerfist is amazing. Bravo, Sir!

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks gents! :)

J Womack, Esq. said...

Eyes are green. Wish I had either:
a) your talent.
b) money to pay you for your talent.

Actually, (b) more than (a), because if I had (a) I would also need (c): time to do it.

Excellent stuff. I am trying to make Mordians Praetorians right now by changing headgear, following your tutorial. I understand the process very well - the how-to is quite good. Just need some skill to execute properly. I only need three, I'll mention it when I get 'done.'

mistercactus said...

Lovely work. I can never get my gs that smooth. Reminds me: when will the cast helmets be available? My founding is on hold until I can get hold of some. Cheers for your blog, I really enjoy it.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys, aye it's painstaking to get the finish, but worth it and doable, at least on a small scale with practice.

For 28mm heroics, I'm pleased to say they'll be an announcement next week once I get back from holiday, though the full head sprue is still a bit down the line.

Col. Thorne said...

Wow! Yet once again, I am impressed by your talents, sir. Great work, I especially like the kneeling character - very dynamic pose. The powerfist is well executed as well. Keep up amazing us.