Thursday, 2 July 2009

Hobby Fund (1st July) and Half Way Through 2009...

Well I'm actually kinda of ashamed to say I've done nothing with the hobby fund over the past month, nothing has been sold - though as a silver lining I've not bought anything either!

  • Starting Balance 1st June (Previous Sales) = £5.33

  • Sales in June = £0.00

  • Sales Fee's in June = £0.00

  • Purchases in June = £0.00

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = £0.00

  • Balance 1st July = £5.33

The reason for this inactivity has simply been I've been rather busy(!), but I'm getting off my arse now and getting on with it again, with another push on sales for this month, I've just updated my For Sale Thread on Warseer with amongst other things my WFB Orc and Goblin army, something which never really got going perhaps two years ago now, though I am getting back into WFB now with a Mounted Chaos Warrior army, which I've traded for.

As it's now half way through the year (scary huh?) I thought I'd also have a quick run down of how my 'New Years Hobby Resolutions' have been going which I set myself back in December!

1 - No New Armies
I've not added to the number of armies I own, though as I mentioned earlier my WFB armies have been swapped, success! Be it an easy one.

2 - Finish What I've Started
I don't think I can really claim much success here, as many of the projects I mentioned originally noteably the Leviathan and Warhound are yet finished, though on the other hand I hav'nt started any other new and big things either, only things which form part of my normal army in lieu of the new codex.

3 - Painting Practice
Again I cant claim much success, though I have had a little, I was especially pleased with the result of my Imperial Thunderbolt Pilot, I've my eye on a few other models just for the pleasure of painting, and indeed trying new things.

4 - Blog
My aim was too make a couple of post's a week, and I've largely succeaded in this, there have been dry spells when time just has'nt allowed me to post anything, at the end of June and during my holiday to the US in April. The rest of the time has seen me making that aim and even surpassing it with the post count up significantly on previous years, success!

5 - Terrain
Nothing to report here at all, I've spent no time working on terrain, though I'd still love too. I can't see any time being free to work on this for the time being though, with the GT run up all thoughts are on this. Still 6 months is a long time.

Overal I'm easily meeting two of my goals, while the other three are still at worst within reach, I'm happy with that! Did anyone else make New Years Hobby Resolutions, how are yours going?


Itkovian said...

Well done on your progress so far. There's still half a year to go, so you shouldn't really judge yourself too harshly yet.

My resolution was to start a fresh army and paint more than one squad of it. At 39 models and counting, I'm well pleased with the results so far. I suppose my mid-year resolution would have to be to keep going...

Techpriest said...

Hey Colonel, I can't seem to access your For Sale thread - I'm logged into Warseer, but it won't let me see it. Do you have it posted anywhere else?

Col.Gravis said...

True, theres still a good 6 months to go!

Techpriest I cant explain that, however I've now reposted the contents on the blog.