Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Commission - Praetorian Ogryn Squad (Part 1)

I dont normally take Commissions, or at least hav'nt in the past, there are a multitude of reasons for that, in the past I hav'nt felt ready too, theres also been the matter that I often cant get stuck into things I don't really want to be doing - and more to the point I've got a huge back log of my own stuff. Having realised theres no way I'll get my GT Imperial Guard army finished for August's 40k Online Tournament I've decided I accept this commission that I was approached about through the blog about a week ago - on the condition that it was'nt urgent(!).

I've been asked to convert up a full squad of ten Praetorian Ogryns, with a variety of 'characters' if you will, the customer having made several suggestions and requesting one based on a conversion which Si has done in the past (I'll link to this at a later date, however his site is down at the moment with only his blog working). I'm working from Ogre Bulls, with a plan to also base a couple of Lead Belchers for the slightly different poses without having to spend alot of time resculpting the arms, at the moment I'm actively working on the first two, with a further two to follow shortly - I'll get all of these four finished for approval before moving onto the rest of the squad.

So over to some work in progress shots.

This is the third Ogrynm, or as far as he's going for the moment, it shows the first stage with the mount for the gut plate cut down and filled roughly.

This meanwhile is Ogryn number two, the plan for this one is too have his jacket open with Ripper Gun to his side and no Pith Helmet, at the moment his belly is done and I've roughed in the belt with work ongoing on the trousers.

Finally Ogryn number one, the furthest progressed (and the one with slightly wobley pictures! His trousers are just about finished, as is the belly, I'm now working on the belt and then the upper edge of the trousers. Once he's done he'll be bare chested with a Pith Helmet and Ripper Gun at his side.


Paul Wu said...

Very nice work so far. I've been planning to convert Ogre Kingdoms models over to IG Ogryns for awhile now, and I'll definitely keep abreast of this series of posts from you to get some tips.

Wolfy. said...

Im the lucky one who asked for these, and i must say i am AMAZED! Cheers Col Gravis, keep up the astounding work!

King's Standard Bearer said...

awesome work and its a project Ill keep a keen eye on... elite choices are just so cool, Iv already got my kasrkin to do plus my ideas for a psyker squad, but now seeing these is making me want some ogryns too!


Col. Hessler said...

Gravis...nice! Probably my favorite unit to build out of the entire IG codex. I am in the middle of my own squad of lovable oafs. You display some bloody solid hands to do that GS striping on the pants. Very impressive sir!

Cawshis Clay said...

I second Col. Hessler's comment! You've got an amazing GS technique to get that leg stripe so nicely smooth and flat! Kudos.

CylonDave said...

Cool Work Col., looking forward to seeing this unit. I've never had the need to field this kind of unit in my Praetoraian army, although I have used Rattlings in the past.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys :)

Update coming Sunday I think!

mistercactus said...

Recently started sculpting praetorian gear onto an ogre myself. Finding it hard to keep the putty smooth at the front for some reason. The idea of sculting the helmet scares me a little. Yours are looking great so far, so I think I may be paying close attention to how you do things. Good work sir!