Sunday, 2 September 2007

Leman Russ Progress

Well it's getting there, the basic paint job is done, still need to add stowage, markings and then weather it a bit, but I'm already pleased with how its come out! I was a little worried about just how grey it was at first, but now it's reached this stage I'm faily happy I did'nt add any ID stripes of such like, though that said I'm not positive what form the vehicles markings will take yet - it's gonna take a bit of a back seat now though, time to get casting my Roughriders, update soon.


Bravo Four said...

I love your stuff. no amount of words can express how awsome they look. Please keep updating. I might be following suit with mine in some of the areas, if its cool with you.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks very much!

Definately very cool with me, infact I'd love to see what you turn out, always great to see other peoples work! :)