Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Cavalry's Coming (Part 4) and Malcador

Right. Hussars, just waiting to be undercoated.

Now I'll be perfectly honest, I'm a bit dubious about them at this stage (and I'd even call those pics fairly flattering lol), but they're difficult to judge at the moment, with so much white detail is all but invisible even in person. I'm gonna start painting a little later today, that'll be the real teller and today really is the cut off point, if they really dont work it'll be action stations to get a Basilisk ready with little under two weeks left until the GT. The Lancers are almost ready to go as well, just waiting for their pistol holsters to dry before I add them to the models. Here we go.

Meanwhile I've picked up a couple of other new bits, a couple more Conqueror's which I'll get to work on later on, and the next project for the Praetorian army...Malcador! This replaces my earlier plan of doing my own VDR heavy tank, it just seems to fit right in to me - with Heavy Bolters replaced with Gatlings of course! ;)

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