Friday, 14 September 2007

The Cavalry's Coming (Part 3)

Assuming I dont find any major problems as I go over the components with greenstuff over the coming week casting is now complete(!), really did'nt take as long as I feared.

I've now started basic assembly - just a couple of quick shots to show something more then a pile of bits in this post, will have more to show again soon.


Gabriel said...

It's easier to see just how much detail from the greenstuff original that managed to pull through to the finished product than it was in the last entry, and I'm impressed. The eagle even has it's individual feather-wingy features, something that sadly cannot be said about some Games Workshop models that I own.

I love this headless rider so far, and with a good horse and proper helmeted head, he's going to be just awsome. I noticed that, unlike Lancers and Hussars, you've not removed the strike through the Dagoons. Does this mean that you'll do some extra sculpting for those, or is it just because you haven't made that many models yet?

Col.Gravis said...

Yeah I'm really pleased with how well the detail took from the originals, far exceaded my expectations in that respect.

What I'm working on at the moment is the first 5 of each of the first troops of Lancers and Hussars, Dragoons will follow at a later date, but I'll do different arms again for them to hold a Lascarbine conversion, possibly at ease, possibly turning and firing in the saddle, not quite sure yet, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it further down the line.

High Marshal Gabriel said...

For some reason, I've always liked the visual appeal of people standing in the saddle and firing. That'd be more work for little effect though, so if I were you I'd not listen to my silly ideas.

You've really inspired me to get up and get going on my own project, so I sorta copied your idea and made a project blog of my own;

Not much too look at, at the moment, bu there will be relativly soon, I hope. :)

Col.Gravis said...

No it's not a bad idea at all, I'll have to think about it some more when the time comes as I've a few other things to do before I have a crack at the Dragoons.

I want too paint the third Platoon of D Company, do another 10 Roughriders on top of the 10 I'm working on and paint the three tanks I've reserved to pick up at GD UK (two more Conqueror's and a Malcador Heavy Tank), hmm and I've got 500pts of Steel Legion to do lol, then I'll look at Dragoons again.

I'll pop over an have a look at your blog shortly, its definately a great way to show what your doing in one place, a good reference for anyone interested!