Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Praetorian 4th(s) on Parade

Right, I'm going to make some of my own hobby time again, not too much, I'm still sculpting some Artillery Crew for the Kickstarter, but you've heard enough about that for now (huzzah it was bloody successful!), but I've neglected it - and the blog - for a little too long now!

The first bit of catch up I'm going to play is to shout out to Colonel Winterbourne's blog again, last month he and I teamed up for games Workshops Darkfall: Vidar's Fate campaign weekend. I was my usual (useless) self when it comes to taking photo's at these things, but Phil was snap happy!

He has pictures, of our armies mustered together for a little photo shoot, from a game we played against each other, the games we played together and plenty from his own and even some of my individual games (seriously, how did he find time to play games amongst taking all these pictures?)

Here's a quick sample of some of the pictures, but if you want to see them all, go over and take a look at his blog!


Though the Imperium failed to defend the Vidar system, the Praetorians did the Emperor proud, Phil's 4th Mechanised won all five of its games, while my own 4th Foot won four and drew the fifth. Why don't I play like that at tournament's?!? Of course thats not to speak of our game, which Phil won in no uncertain terms! I think I need some Thudd Guns.... *mutter mutter mutter*.... 


Colonel Scipio said...

Very impressive! I always love seeing armies on parade - gives me something to aspire to. Thanks for posting.

Admiral Drax said...

I am - as they say - "well jeal".

It's been too long. I may email you soon...