Friday, 10 May 2013

Fantastic Blood Angels Army For Sale

Dodge, one of my local gamer budies, and the chap who very kindly did the base work on my Leviathan... even if I still hav'nt had time to pull my finger out finish the job(!), has decided to sell his beautifully painted Blood Angel army on eBay. I thought I'd share a few pictures and shameless plug HIS AUCTION! ;) Be warned though, it ends on Sunday!

And while your at it, why not go and check out his blog as well, plenty more pictures and shiny stuff to look at over on!


Dodge said...

Slacker! Get that thing painted!! :)

Dodge said...

Oh and thanks for the shout out ;)

Tim said...

nice to see some decent painted models for once ;)

Col.Gravis said...

lol your welcome Dodge ;)

pfff apart from the Guard obviously, those Dark Eldar I posted abotu a while back were decidedly iffy! ;)