Monday, 19 March 2012

REVIEW - 28mm Greatcoat Legs from Maxmini

As well as the they're Pith Helmets, the guys at MaxMini were good enough to send me a sample of their brand new Greatcoat legs - and as with the heads they are excellent!

There are three variant sculpts, one running and one kneeling as shown below, and one standing still, cast in resin. There was almost no flash to be removed on any of the legs, with what little there was limited to easy to remove mould lines away from detail (a failing of so many bits GW and otherwise).

The sculpts are incredibly crisp, and there is a real feeling of motion in the way the cloth falls and the legs are posed. They are not overloaded with detail, around the top which is nice as it keeps them uncluttered and allows us as modellerd to better fit them in with whatever it is we're trying to achieve. However, what is there is stonking, right down to the hobnail boots.

The legs match up perfectly with GW heroic scaled Guardsmen (read Cadians), finally giving us a descent and cost effective Greatcoat option that is'nt DKoK expensive (though we're still awaiting cost) or cheap - for a reason - Wargames Factory plastics. You could build DKoK type Guardsmen with them of course - or you could do as I'm doing...

They make for an excellent Greatcoated Dress uniformed trooper look, I'm yet to decide on how to paint these chaps who I'll be using in my Mordian Charity Army Build as Carapace Armoured Veterans - update with painted pictures once I've made my mind up!

My only possible critism of these excellent parts, is that the feet are perhaps a little more for heroic scaled models, though its not particularly noticeable - and if you were so inclined this would be something which could easily be altered.

Keep an eye on MaxMini's website for release details in the near future!


Blitzspear said...

I can see all sorts of uses for those, very nice.

PoliticalOfficerKrad said...

Those are some nice conversion bits and some nice greenstuff work on your part, as always.

Col. Ackland said...

Very cool. Thanks for bringing these to our attention too! If you're able, could you post up a picture showing the torso joining the legs? I was just interested in seeing how the double-breasted jacket flap lines up and how the buttons look. Also could you post a pic of them next to a normal Mordian/Praetorian to check out the feet (that you mentioned) and the overall miniature hight.
Sorry to be a pain -Im sure you have lots of way better things to do, like paint those 137 PBI and that Mordian army!

Col.Gravis said...

Agreed, they are lovely conversion bits, I'm surprised in a way we've not seen something similar sooner.

Col.Ackland, I'll be updating the post in the next few days with a comparison shot, hopefully painted, but will chuck in the extra image of the join as suggested.

Faolan (Jake) said...

Looks good, Col Gravis.

I'd seen them on the Maxmini website, but I was going to hold off till someone reliable (like you!) had a review up.

I reckon the packs I just ordered are going to get used for Commissar Cadets.

So while I thank you, my wallet is cursing you.

Colonel Winterborne said...

They are almost identical to the DKOK models! Only difference is the boots. I ordered some of the helmets from Maxmini so expect to see some of them feature as the finished articles on my stormtroopers when I finally get back to the hobby (I will hopefully be reunited with my paints and miniatures this weekend!)

Col.Gravis said...

lol sorry jakes wallet ;)

They certainly are Colonel, I think for Praetorians theres alot of potential for Praetorian conversions, especially given your chosen route for Storm Troopers!