Friday, 14 October 2011

SHOWCASE - Victoria Lamb's Praetorian Imperial Guard

Yep, I'm back, and I've some posting to do. I'm going to start with this though, since it seems like an appropriate opportunity. Showcase, is going to be an occasional series of blog posts where I'll briefly highlight other hobbiests whose work which I have found particularly inspiring. These will of course be weighted towards my own tastes, so expect lots of Imperial Guard, and of course specifically Praetorians. There will be exceptions though.

I'd be very surprised if anyone who is a fan of Praetorian Imperial Guard has not heard of Victoria Lamb, in fact I'd imagine that her name is reasonably well known in any hobby circuit. Amongst other talents, which you might read about if you visit her website, she is an award winning miniature painter and sculptor with more then a dozen Golden Demons, and other major awards to her credit. The very first of which was gained with none other then a Praetorian Command Squad.

When I started collecting Praetorian's myself, I'd only ever seen the odd painted model - with the exception of GW's Big Toof River. My first go at the army was overly none to impressive. It was probably seeing Victoria Lambs work, the first time I otherwise saw a full Praetorian army, which cemented in my head the idea that I could do better myself.

Not only is the army gorgeously painted, but absolutely every guardsman is converted, with the addition of webbing and an aquilla at a bare minimum, and many with head swaps, resculpted limbs, or altered weapons. These small details add so much extra to the army. The Heavy Weapons are also converted, this being the first place I saw alternative wheels used to create weapons more in keeping with the theme of the army, which I emulated myself.

The Command HQ is without doubt the army center piece though, as well as her usual conversion touches, including a fantastic standard bearer, is Captain Caine. Beautifully scratch sculpted with milliput, and creating a fantastic resemblance to Michael Caine's character in the classic film, Zulu. I'm as in awe of this model now, as I was when I first saw it.

I'd very much encourage everyone to go and take a look at Victoria Lambs website even if your not the biggest fan of Praetorians in the world, or have seen them before. There is also a selection of her other work, including a number of her fantastic other award winning models, some of which you'll undoubtedly recognise.

Victoria Lamb also now runs 'Victoria Miniatures', selling copies of a number of her original sculpts. Of particular interest may be the Kilted legs originally sculpted for the Drookian Fen Guard conversions featured in various locations by Games Workshop (I've got some on order myself!). As well as her latest release of a Penal Legion conversion kit which looks absolutely superb. There is a webstore on her site HERE, and more details can be found on the Victoria Miniatures Facebook page, HERE.


mk6marine said...

I love Victoria Lamb. Her army was also my inspiration. Her Kilted legs are going to be the base for my Veteran conversion.

Col. Ackland said...

Great write up Gravis. I look forward to reading more of these. I remember seeing this army in the window of my local GW about ten years ago. There was a full Rorke’s Drift scene with a farm house and barricades. It blew my socks off. I had already started my blue coated Praetorians a few years before but I came soo close to repainting them!

chantyam said...

I have at least a good 30 perhaps 40 kilted figure kits for some veterans, well recomened nice quick turnaround for the orders in posting to the UK.When the Praetorians 1st came out kilted Highlanders was always one wish, Rough Riders with lances was another (thanks Rob thanks Vic) now I have a chance to complete somthing thats been on the back burner for a good few years(lets see make a right mess of both projects),Now how to create a 40k Bagpiper!!!
How the Storm Troopers going Rob?

Col.Gravis said...

mk6marine, likewise!

Col.Ackland, aye its sonething quite fun to write up, and is nice to do when my own hobby is rather sparse!

chantyam, yes delivery was very quick - certain suppliers in the UK are far slower.

Storm Troopers are on the desk for some more work soon, p.s. Vic has a Piper in the works as part of a command pack ;)

J Womack, Esq. said...

Webbing! Dammit!

I knew there was something on my Praetorians (which I use for VSF gaming) to finish them off. And now with them already painted... I just don't think I can go back and fix it. Not any time soon.

Damn damn damn damn.

And I will have to get some of those kilted legs, just to mix in the batch.

And one of these days I will be getting the Rough Rider Conversion kits as well. A good ten of those chaps should clear the field.

So many projects, so little time/money. Wish me luck in tonight's lottery!