Friday, 28 October 2011

REVIEW - Victorian Laser Guns from Victoria Miniatures

Recently Victoria Lamb previewed through her Facebook page the new Victorian Laser Guns that she'll be releasing through Victoria Miniatures, and I'm lucky enough to have recieved a preview sample.

The weapons design is a blend of late 19th and early 20th century rifle design such as the Lee-Enfield or Martini-Henry, this is very evident in the stock and trigger mechanism. However, it has been cross-bred with something altogether more familiar to any 40k player, the humble Lasgun. Also in common with 19th century weapons it is a reasonably long weapon, as you can see when it is compared to a number of other GW Imperial weapons. This belnd of styles means its an ideal weapon to use to count as a Lasgun - anybody who looks at a Guardsman armed with this weapon will be left in nou doubt as to what it represents. Yet it also has a very steam-punk/victorian feel all of its own, it would be ideal for such VSF games as well!

The castings is of an excellent quality, there is only a small and easy removed mould line and the level of detail is spot on, right down to the fold in the straps. Oh, and the barrel is dimpled, no fidley drilling required here! From the point of view of an Imperial Guard converter, the only slight downside is that standard Cadian or Catachan lasgun bearing arms wont work due to the different style of grips between this weapon and standard lasguns. This should'nt hold compentent converters back however, and we are told that there are specific arms in the works! For the VSF player, you may find the gun a little large as it definately feels designed with GW's 28mm Heroic scale in mind, rather then true scale.

These should be available soon from the Victoria Miniatures shop, and judging by existing pricing of her other bits fitting out an army with these lovely guns won't break the bank!

A whole Praetorian army with these would look awesome I have to say, though for myself I think I may be a bit far along to retrofit my army with them. That said I've always fancied having a go at 'updating' a squad as a proper attempt at a Golden Demon and these would fit right in with that idea, watch this space!


Rat Boy said...

Y'know, it's cool stuff like this that really makes me want to start an Imperial Guard army.

oink said...

It looks great. I imagine that you can probably put the standard cadian / catachan arms on this thing and make it work well enough... yea, they will look like they have a "standard" pistol grip but you probably won't notice the difference much from a gaming table point of view...
Of course, the more exacting of us will still ahve issues with that though!

Cawshis Clay said...

I don't have the skill to pull off an entire Victorian inspired 40k armry, but these las guns look great! I'd consider slapping them on ICs just to make them stand out more.

Great review. Love the comparison shot!

Col.Gravis said...

Rat Boy, well all I can say is give in! You know you want too! ;)

oink, agreed you could almost certainly get away with using a pistol grip, but I dont think I could sleep at night myself lol ;)

Cawshis Clay, I'm sure you could if you felt inclined enough and just had a go, inspiration and just getting stuck in is a good part of our hobby I think! But yes they'd be great for making certain models stand out from the rank and file, perhaps ideal for Veteran Squads, or even Storm Troopers?

mk6marine said...

Unfortunately (never thought I would say that) I have the metal praetorians and I just don't see how I could convert these. Any suggestions may lead me to a purchase.

Col.Gravis said...

mk6marine, it would be tough without a doubt, as it would involve fairly extensive resculpting of the arms in all but a few of the poses available.