Monday, 8 August 2011

Small But Perfectly Formed - Or Why I'm Collecting Another 40k Army

A year or so ago I parted with my Sisters of Battle force, this 1500pt tournament army was collected largely as a way to play something different, as a change of pace from my regular Imperial Guard armies. However, in selling it, partially in a move to get myself focusing on the Guard more again I've found myself facing an old foe, perhaps one which is bigger then I recognised previously.

It can be a damn pain the in arse to move around a big, and heavy all metal army.

I love the Guard, don't get me wrong, but when I'm rushing around after work before a club night I've often found myself passing up taking anything 40k. This is because it becomes a chore to pack up an army in the travel cases from their normal storage. Especially when even if I do then take them, I don't always end up playing 40k as I've increasingly found an interest in other systems like Dystopian Wars from Spartan. The other thing with an all metal army (and I do like metal armies more then plastic as a rule), is it chips if you look at it funny. This is frustrating to be honest, I like to get the Guard out and play a good game, but I loathe checking over all the Guardsmen when I get home to touch up the chips.

So I find myself here again, preparing to collect another army.

I'm going largely plastic this time to avoid the chipping issue. I'm also going smaller then ever before for me, my choice has been to go with the Deathwing. I've never played an army quite like this before, so it should be interesting. Its also a cheap option, nearly all the models for the army are the old plastic terminators, meaning its so far cost me less then £50 with only a few more models needed.

Am I a 'traitor' to the IG for doing this? Are my reasons perhaps slightly wussy?

Possibly. But I'll tell you what, I'm looking forward to pick up an play games in the most literal sense, and that is quite a liberating thought.


mk6marine said...

I am currently sitting on 2 fully painted 40K armies (Crimson Fists and Orks), and two unpainted all metal armies (SoB and Praetorian.)
I don't think you are a traitor, just don't leave us Praetorian DieHards blowing in the wind. I look forward to your updates. Do what makes you happy in the hobby. If that means a different army, then go for it.

Commissar Dave said...

A change is alway's good mate, helps you refocous on what you origanly started. I have a small Grey Knights force and SoB. I go to these to paint when I start getting board and frustrated with my Praetorian's.

Does mean you are a tratior? In my eyes no, you will always come back to what you love.

Good choice in army as I think the battle force box is one of the best for value. Look forward to seeing what you do and good luck. Just don't be a stranger to your Praetorians.

Dodge said...

I used to love running my Deathwing and the FAQ really increases their viability. You are still hampered somewhat by massively inferior numbers but they are a great challenge!

Admiral Drax said...

Good luck to you!

I picked up a tau army two years ago for much the same reason...but I just cannot bring myself to show it any love (yet)!

Take a peek at my post coming up soon about my new transport solution: I think you'll approve!

Pax Urbis Pax Imperi said...

Playing another army is a way to keep your perspective and your love of 40k fresh.

Have fun!