Monday, 22 August 2011

Praetorian Chimera (Part 3)

Following a little bit of an unsuccessful rush to get the Chimera finished for the 40k Online tournament this weekend just gone, I've done a little more to it today. Only the underbelly of the tank remains to be done in full now, and then the final details, marking, a little light weathering and some smoke launchers.

I always intended to fit my Chimera with only Gatling Bolters (Heavy Bolters), however in these days of mech even I use Heavy Flamers, they can be just too good to pass up. So I've decided to opt for a switchable solution. I decided that adding magnets at this late stage would be a bit tricky because of the way I've done them. So instead I've drilled a hole and am using rod to secure the weapon in place. The result is very satisfactory, and far less hassel then trying to retrofit magnets. I'll get the Gatling Bolter done alongside the other remaining bits and pieces.


mk6marine said...

looks like a clean fit. I was wondering what your take on Heavy flamers was. Keep up the good work.

Col.Gravis said...

Yeah its worked out pretty well, the Gatling Gun slots into place nicely too which is of bigger concern. Sorted!