Monday, 29 August 2011

Praetorian Chimera (Part 4)

Almost there. I realised there was a distinct lack of Searchlight on my Chimera, and given how useful I've found them of late after experimenting with a fully mech list lately I knew I ought to model them on.

I had left one side of the turret deliberately empty as I didn't fancy using the stock hatch mounted searchlight from the vehicle accessory sprue. Originally I thought about making a box to mount it on this location, but then I realised I had several Space Marine ones. It took a little modification and pining, but I've now settled on this.

The searchlight, and belly, are now painted, so I've just got a few markings to add and a little weathering powder for a slightly dusted look around the tracks and I'm done! Not quite sure whats going to be next, possibly five more Roughriders, though a Helhound, and Basilisk/Medusa are also sitting on the bench patiently waiting for some attention. I've also made a start on several sculpting projects which will probably see the light of day soon.


mk6marine said...

Looks good. Can't wait to see the new sculpts. Any chance we can get a teaser?

Col.Gravis said...

As soon as there is something worth showing yes, unfortunately I recieved my new coursebooks today though, which slides hobby time further down the order of importance again sadly :P

I'll stick with it though, though its likely that once the Chimera is done it'll be getting the Dark Angels assembled which will be next in line.