Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Praetorian Roughriders (Part 2)

Well then, in assembling the Roughriders I was a bit disappointed to have discovered a minor flaw which appears in the models, but was'nt really noticeable when it was just bare metal. Along the mold line where the legs join the tunic there is a imperfection where the metal has'nt flowed properly. You can see this below. On the bright side it is very easy to fix, just filling in the 'dent' with a little greenstuff.

The other points to note were more expected. Though the models are designed to fit the WFB Empire Pistolier horses, the saddles of the three different designs of horse vary slightly. The figures fit perfectly and snuggly on one design, the others are a bit too snug and require that you push the legs apart slightly (being metal there is only a little give, but this is sufficient). You are also left with a gap between the legs and saddles on two of the designs, which looks best if filled, though this is by no means essential.

In addition for best results its good to fill in small gaps between the joints, these are generally tiny as you can see below where I've filled them.

These fixes done the models assemble pretty damn well, with the addition of a head from Secret Weapon I spent an evening paint brush in hand and following the blue/white schemed I've used previously. The following is the result and I'm really pleased with it, now to get on with the rest of the unit! One quick tip though, I'd recommend attaching the legs to the horse for painting, and assembling the torso, arms, head an lance seperately, only joining the two together once they're finished, its much easier then trying to paint a fully assembled model.


Hudson said...

Gorgeous work, sir! I look forward to seeing the whole unit.

chantyam said...

Wow I really do want to getmy hands on some of those -been itching for some roughriders since seeing an aticle way back, in a copy of the "Citadel Journal" using gunners torsos and the old R Trader Rough rider legs. Same article had a full limber and Praetorians in a Jeep (do I now wish I hadn't lost at least that edition)

The Inner Geek said...

That looks super! I bet they turn some heads on the table.

SC Mike said...

that looks awesome. good job!
Dave Taylor could have painted that one..

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys!

Chantyam, there will be an order page going up as soon as my second batch arrive (the first batch have basicly sold out already!), if you do order let me know its you though, I might be able to help you with that citadel journal Praetorian article! ;)

SC Mike, now that is high praise, I'm not sure I can live up the great Dave Taylor mind!

PoliticalOfficerKrad said...

So awesome man!

chantyam said...

your on! thanks look forward to it