Thursday, 21 July 2011

New Praetorian Roughriders (Part 1)

Well look whats turned up!

Five freshly cast metal Praetorian Roughriders, all laid out ready for assembly, all these chaps are short of are heads, horses and lance shafts - soon sort that one out though.

The lance shaft is easy enough, I designed these models to take a 5cm length of 1mm thick piece of plastic or metal rod. The lance arm and lance tip are drilled out with a pin vice.

...and all fit together nice an easy! This gives a sturdy fit which should'nt break easily.


Der Feldmarschall said...

Very nice!!

I'm curious how heads from the Perry's Nap Fr Heavy Cavalry would look on these guys. Too small? Any idea? Thanks!

Mordian7th said...

Great stuff! Didn't realize you were having them done in metal rather than resin. A nice touch - keep up the great work!

Rictus said...

Looking excellent, from the pictures they look like very nice casts.

I am Looking forward to seeing a whole squad of them painted.

Will there be any variantion in the squad, such as special weapons or a sergeant, or will they all be with lances? Hopefully I haven't already missed the answer to that in a previous post...

Anonymous said...

Very nice, are you going to sell any of these too? The old resin ones painted up very nicely.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys!

Possibly a little small Der Feldmarschall as they are probably true scale 28mm as is typcal for historicals rather then heroic 28mm as GW uses (these are in line with that).

Mordian, I've always preferred metal myself, but in this case though its a little harder to work with, it made it practical to have bits which are drilled out (i.e. the lance shaft), plus in my experience there are less miscasts.

Rictus, as am I! I'm hoping to start putting paint on my firsts five tomorrow! Very little variation at the moment, just Lances, but I am thinking about doing some extras for later and as part of an 'accessory pack'.

Anon, I am indeed, they will be available to ship from the 1st of August, details up tomorrow!