Thursday, 31 March 2011

Officer Assesment - Major Ackland, 19th Praetorian Lancers

Background -

Benjamin Macharius Nolan Ackland is the second son of Lord Ackland, defacto ruler of Hive Ontrio on Praetoria. Thus, he is a direct descendant of Brigadier-General Ackland who was blessed with serving under Saint Macharius. As the second son of a noble family of Praetoria, as is traditional he was destined to serve in that worlds military from the moment of his birth. His families’ status and wealth guaranteeing him commission as an officer. He was privately tutored until joining the local military academy, where he was noted as being fearless, an exceptional orator and a fine and daring swordsmen. However, despite his noted enthusiasm, his grasp of tactics and strategy left something to be desired. On passing out he held the rank of Lieutenant, and was accepted as a liaison officer on the command staff of a personal friend and associate of Lord Ackland, one Lieutenant-General Brudenell. Ackland continued in this role when Brudenell entered service with the Imperial Guard as part of the musters of 989.M41.

Imperial Guard Service Record –

989.M41 – Founding of 989.M41
Ackland mustered to the Imperial Guard as part of Lieutenant-General Brudenell’s command staff.

992-995.M41 – Defence of Lanes World
Ackland promoted to Captain. However he saw no action while serving on Brudenell’s command staff.

997-998.M41 – Cleansing of Haile II
Brudenell given command of the cleansing of the outpost world of Haile II, held by rebellious PDF. Ackland was given the temporary role of liaison officer to 19th Praetorian Lancers during the campaign. After participating in several minor engagements, he was due to return to Brudenell’s staff, following what became the final and only major engagement of the war; the Battle of Compound II (cross ref file; 1023A/HAILE002911-I). Brudenell ordered through Ackland that the Lancers charge in order to recover a captured artillery position. However, the charge was misdirected into the rebel front line, resulting in significant casualties; including the entirety of the regiment’s senior officer cadre. The rebel line was broken however, and a pitched battle quickly turned into a complete rout for the traitors. Amidst stories of Ackland’s heroism, where he is reported to have led the charge throughout and killed the rebel’s leader by impaling him upon his Hunting Lance, Brudenell permanently transferred Ackland to the 19th Lancers, and granted him promotion to the rank of Major.

Assessment –

Major Ackland is a capable warrior in his own right; this combined with his oratory skills make him an excellent leader of men, commanding utter loyalty and respect from his subordinates. However, there are significant questions over his ability to follow orders. Further, it is the belief of some within the Commissariat that his transfer to the Lancers was calculated to avoid difficult questions which faced Lord Ackland’s son regarding how the Lancers charge was directed incorrectly. Ackland is known to be hot-headed and blind to grander strategy and tactics, which undermine his independent command and future prospects. Thus he must be closely monitored by his field commander and by the Commissariat at all times. It is my personal belief he will either shortly be killed in action, or will be summarily executed, probably as a result of his inability to follow orders. Given his families’ status, and his growing reputation amongst the common guardsmen, the former would be infinitely preferable.



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