Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Artwork - Praetorian Life Guard by ~jeenhoong

Every now an then I go googling, typing in various hobby related words to see what turns up which has'nt turned up on the blogs and forums which I follow regularly. Occasionally it turns up a really cool model, technique or idea that will end up in a massive list of favourites, revisited occasionally for inspiration. Today I came across something which was so awesome I knew I did'nt just want to file it away but to share it - and as its Praetorian related I could'nt think of a better place then on the blog.

What we have is a portrait of a Praetorian Life Guard, absolutely oozing with gritty character, created by jeenhoong on DeviantArt. If your a fan I'd really urge you to go an post on his page, and do have a look at the rest of his gallery, theres plenty of IG related artwork for everyone. Enjoy!

Praetorian Life Guard by ~jeenhoong on deviantART


Jeff said...

Good find, Colonel! That picture just makes your fingers twitch to dive into the green stuff and start a Lifeguard squad to fill in the veterans or maybe stormtrooper slot!

aether said...

Nice picture!

Also, good to see you back posting again.

Col.Gravis said...

Agreed Jeff, I'm itching to have a go, its enough to make me think about a whole new Praetorian army, no idea if I'll act n that or not yet though.