Sunday, 20 March 2011

Feeling Fluffy.

In the run up to this years Vanquish, and being very aware of the fact that the Tournament list I've been testing out lately is a long way from being ready to put on the table outside of the local club. Lots of painting still to do. However, thats not a worry as I've been feeling a strong fluffy sensation lately. My list was thus drawn up, and I'm leaving the Valkyrie and maxed out Heavy Support options at home, let alone Vets and Chimeras. Instead no two units are the same, I've brought the Mortars out of retirement, and am using it as an excuse to try out both Mogul Kamir the Roughrider special character (using my Major Ackland conversion via counts as) and to roll out my Lord Commissar with Powerfist (it's terrible, I've had the model painted for ages but have never put it on the table before!).

I'm also spending some time expanding on my Praetorian background articles, there are several in the works, with the Rocket Troughs/Mortars piece just finished.

But I'm going a little bit further then that as well, I always wanted to have a little folder with background to take to tournaments and similar events, a 'presentation' version of the background, so now thats what I'm doing. So I thought I'd share the PDFs if anyone was interested (the Gatling and Rocket Trough ones are done as I post this). There is a download link (hosting on Mediafire, so sorry about the odd pop-up if you do download) on the individual pages of each fluff portion, and on the Background Article menu.

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Admiral Drax said...

Man, I love your stuff so much!