Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year and all that Jazz!

After a few months absense now I'm back, at last.

I've quietly done a few bits an pieces on the blog over the past few days, things may or may not go quiet again for another week, but I'm planning on getting back into things now.

I am going to make a few changes though, I realised the blog was becomming a hobby in itself, which is'nt really what I ever intended, nor wanted, so I'm abandoning any aims for x posts a month, I'll be posting as and when I've something to post from now on.

I've updated my Blog Rolls to reflect the blogs I actually keep an eye on at present, though I'm sure that will grow again now.

The Hobby Fund is dead, yep! I used the Hobby Fund for almost 18 months so that what I spent on the hobby was only what I made through the hobby be that sculpting commissions of selling old things. The main reason I started it was to curb my spending and in that it's been successful, so much so that I don't feel the need to use it any more. It was a very interesting and useful exercise and I'd recommend it to anyone who perhaps wondered if they were spending too much on the hobby!

So what projects do I have in mind for this year? Well the Praetorians are going back to their roots, I'll be adding more fun stuff as I'm drifting away from Tournaments at the moment (not really feeling the urge to go to many), hopefully the English Civil War force I started will see some work and some play this year as will a starting force of Secrets of the Third Reich Brit's I'm gathering together slowly. Oh and Necromunda, must'nt forget Necromunda!

I have got other things I'd like to do, but IF I do much about it, it won't be until after my first OU module ends in May, which will give me a bit more free time again until the later summer when I'll start the next one all going well.

Anyway, breakfast is calling! A Happy New Year to you all, heres hoping it's a good one!

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