Wednesday, 19 January 2011

2011 Season Tourny List - 1500pts


Company Command Squad inc. 3 Meltaguns @80pts


Psyker Battle Squad inc. Overseer, 8 Psykers @100pts
Chimera @55pts


Veteran Squad inc. 1 Plasma Gun, 2 Meltaguns, Autocannon @115pts
Chimera @55pts

Veteran Squad inc. 1 Plasma Gun, 2 Meltaguns, Autocannon @115pts
Chimera @55pts

Veteran Squad inc. 3 Plasma Guns, Autocannon @125pts
Chimera @55pts


Valkyrie inc. Multiple Rocket Pods @130pts

Vendetta @130pts


Manticore @160pts

Manticore @160pts

Leman Russ Demolisher @165pts



Atreides said...

that is a genuinly effective list. nice to see other people using autocannons in meltavet squads.

if it were my list i'd take 3 meltas instead of 2 plus a plasma, because i have never found that both are very effective in the same squad.

i might also consider taking 2 demolishers and 1 manticore instead of the other way round, but again, thats just personal preference.

but as i said, good list :)

The GunGrave said...

A nice solid list there i think, with a nice core of Vets! A man after my own heart!

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Hmm, that is an interesting list. I look forward to seeing how it works for you. It seems a little short on scoring units to me. But I run 8 scoring units in an 1850pt list.

Valhallan42nd said...

I'd like to see it in action. Are you headed to either the Nova Open or Adepticon?

Col.Gravis said...

I've used it once so far vs a BA Dante & Meph Assault Marine lead force, resulted in a loss, but I did make a couple of silly mistakes - and was a little too keen with Weaken Resolve. Overall, and despite that, the list worked pretty damn well, its a bit of a learning curve though for someone whose used to footslogging all the way, as is only having three troops choices.

On some specific points, Autocannons are great to give added standoff capability, I don't anticipate using them often, but I know I'd miss them if they were'nt there. The Plasma in the Melta squads gives that valuable extra shot when dealing with heavy infantry etc, while two meltas is enough IMHO to put the hurt on most vehicles.

The Manticore is I'll admit partly down to the local metagame, otherwise known as lomo's Ork Horde and Kan wall.

I'm in the UK Valhallan so no Adeption or Nova for me!

Jimbo said...

Hell yeah and the wrath of kan still won, if only just!

Dodge said...

Good lord....that seems vaguely....i don't know...competitive! :)

Muskie said...

I forget how cheap guard special and heavy weapons are compared to Chaos Space Marines. Veterans are BS 4 right?

Anyway is all this stuff painted? Never seen a Manticore fielded around here. When I saw 1500 points I thought Astronomi-con... That's the number us Canadians think about a lot. It's a good number on a 6*4 table, the perfect number or close to it.

Good luck.