Friday, 4 December 2009

Tournament Report - UK GT 2009 Heat 3 (Part 1)

For this years 40k Throne of Skulls Tournament the Exeter Inquisition fielded a team of 11 players including myself, we headed up on the Friday morning, getting in a few games at Warhammer World (before invading Bugman's - sorry if anyone wanted a 'quiet' drink that evening!).

This year I fielded the Praetorian's, after taking a break last year with my Sisters of Battle, the list I ended up taking was'nt my first choice, I'd hoped to include Pyskers having played around with these quite a bit in my earlier games, however this was the best I felt I could put together at the time, it was as follows;


Company Command Squad inc. Autocannon, Company Standard @75pts


Platoon Command Squad inc. 2 Flamers @40pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Lascannon, Plasma Gun @85pts
Infantry Squad inc. Autocannon, Plasma Gun @75pts
Infantry Squad inc. Autocannon, Grenade Launcher @65pts
Heavy Weapons Squad inc. 3 Lascannon @105pts

Veteran Squad inc. 3 Meltaguns @100pts

Veteran Squad inc. 3 Meltaguns @100pts


Valkyrie inc. Multilaser, Multiple Rocket Pods @130pts

Vendetta inc. 3x Twin-Linked Lascannon @130pts

Roughriders inc. 6 Roughriders @65pts


Leman Russ inc. Hull Heavy Bolter, Sponson Heavy Bolters @170pts

Leman Russ Demolisher inc. Hull Heavy Bolter, Sponson Heavy Bolters @185pts

Total - 1500pts

Game 1 -
Robert Etheringson #35 - Eldar - Spearhead, Sieze Ground

Rob was fielding a very mixed Eldar army, it included an Autuch, Farseer, Banshee's in a Wave Serpeant, Dark Reapers, Dire Avengers, two units of Guardians, Rangers, Swooping Hawks, a Wraithlord and a Fire Prism.

Three objectives were rolled up and were placed in a rough triangle in the center of the board, I then won the roll off and elected to go first.

I formed a sizeable Infantry Firebase holding one objective spearheaded by the Demolisher with the Vendetta on one flank and the Valkyrie on the other, with the Russ to the rear and the Roughriders in reserve. Rob's quarter was quite sparse in terms of cover, the Guardians, Dire Avengers and Wraithlord deployed mid table, with a clear intent on supporting a push on one objective, to my right in some woodland, the vehicles behind this and the Reapers with the Farseer at the very rear, the Swooping Hawks with the Autuch went in reserve while the Rangers infiltrated onto the objective in the woods on my right.

With my Scout move the Vendetta moved to draw line of sight to the Eldar tanks while the Valkyrie turbo boosted 12" away from the Fire Prism ready to disgorge one of the Veteran units - which it did as Rob failed to take the iniative. The Valk then targetted and with support of much of my center routed the Guardians while the Vendetta imobilised the Wave Serpeant, I did turn a significant portion of firepower at the Rangers also but this proved ineffective. In his turn the Veteran Squad was wiped out, while what remained of his force advanced with the exception of the Dark Reapers and Rangers. Without their transports and lacking much in the way of cover the majority of the Eldar Infantry fell over the next couple of turns in what was basicly a shooting gallery as my firebase stood it's ground with little loss, the Swooping Hawks eventually arrived but scattered off, the result was I was able to place them away from my firebase giving me a couple of turns with which to tackle them. At the end of the game I held two of the three objectives, he had left an immobilised and weaponless Wave Serpeant the Dark Reapers and the Farseer.

Rob went on unfortunately to finish up in last place with no win's over the weekend, while I'm no Eldar player I fear much of that was probably down to his list which did'nt seem to have a little of everything, but not enough of anything.

Game 2 -
Davide Bowanno #50 - Chaos Space Marines - Pitched Battle, Annilation

Davide's list was nasty, and as my first Italian opponent I was I'm slightly ashamed to say a little cautious as their teams do have something of an unfortunate reputation which I need'nt expand upon except to say I did'nt encounter it. Davide was an absolute model opponent, an excellent sportsman and indeed gamer, the game that followed was very enjoyable. His list included two Windged Daemon Princes with Lash of Submission, a unit of Plague Marines and one of Berserkers both in Rhino's, 8 Terminators, and two units of Obliterators one of 3 models, one of 2.

Winning the roll off I elected to deploy everything bar the Roughriders in the hope that maximum resistance would offset my disadvanatge in Kill Points available to my opponent, further I elected to deploy largely without comining squads, my logic being with two Lash Princes any such units would become a prime target, instead I deployed in a clump with my more expendable units to the fore to prevent more important units being dragged forwards easily. I still think this was a sound decision though the game really did'nt play my way.

Initially I hoped to use one Squad of Veterans to knock out one of the Daemon Princes, instead they left it standing on one wound and as I'd expected were quickly knocked out in return. There on in each round of shooting caused damage, but always by not quite enough for the desired results. The Princes managed to between them to double team one side of my line, though the initially wounded one was killed, my opponent meanwhile played intelligently only exposing his forces to the an absolute minimum (for example his Berserkers, transportless, knocked out a Veteran Squad before retiring into good cover denying me the chance to ring sufficient firepower to bare. The Terminator Squad pinned the Leman Russ to one corner while the Roughriders were sent packing when they were caught in the destruction of the Demolisher, the timely arrival of the Obliterators Deep Striking from reserve sealed my fate. At the end of the day this mission was an uphill struggle for me given the opponent, a bit more luck with the dice might have seen things turn out differently but as I mentioned Davide was an excellent opponent and played the mission flawlessly - and that is a compliment in this case, I'd expect nothing less in this sort of enviroment.

It's no surprise to me given the list and Davide's generalship that he went on too finish 2nd Overal in the Tournament, only losing out on 1st place by Victory Points, I'd play him again any time I got the chance though!

Game 3 -
Lorzeno Millella #19 - Space Marines - Dawn of War, Capture & Control

Lorenzo, another of the Italian contingent also had something which to me was a daunting prospect, 3 full size Space Marine Tactical Squads two broken down to combat squads, a Thundefire Cannon, a Scout Squad in a Landspeeder Storm and a big Terminator Assault Squad with a Terminator Librarian and Shrike - so yes the later all out flanked!

My game plan was simple, hold my own objective tooth and nail against the expected Terminators and use the Valkyrie and Vendetta born Squads to contest my opponents. I deployed a 3 squad unit on the objective aong with the Anti-Tank Squad and Command Squad, everything else comming on turn 1.

I made two critical mistakes however, the Valkyrie really should have gone into normal reserve and out flanked to make the contest rather then going for maximum resistance, and I really should'nt of under estimated the Thunderfire Cannon - though in my defence for the later at least I've never looked at what it's capable of before. My infantry held up well initially, despite bombardment from the Thunderfire despite losing a whopping 20 Guardsmen in one turn of shooting and I was able to knock out the Tactical Squads for the most part which wer'nt on his objective. However I really did'nt appreciate how quickly it was eating up my manpower. The the the Terminators and Scouts showed up and I was perhaps at half strength. Massing my firepower I was able to deal with the majority of the Terminators and the Librarian with the help of the Roughriders who showed up at just the right time, however Shrike passed everyone of his Invulnables despite directing a good portion of the squad at him. The scouts then set about my Guardsmen supported by what remained of the Terminators and Shrike, ripping them apart in short order leaving me with only a few remanents of Infantry and the Russ.

Unable to contest his objective with both Valk and Vendetta knocked out, I was left scrabling to retake my own. On turn 6 I was finally able to take out the last Terminator who was sitting on my objective with the Leman Russes Heavy Bolters, leaving a previously routed Veteran Squad able to make it onto my objective by about half an inch to spare, it really was a draw by the skin of my teeth as he had elected not to walk the Veterans off the table to avoid a dangerous terrain test for crossing the wreck of the Valkyrie.

I believe Lorzeno went on to finish 112th, in honesty I'm quite surprised he was'nt higher up the table as he was a good player with a solid if not killer list.


Col. Corbane said...

Sounds like you had a great time, where did you finish up?

Col.Gravis said...

Definately did!

Part 2 too follow ;)