Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hobby Fund (1st December)

Well November was damn quiet on the blog front as I found myself snowed under getting my Grand Tournament list ready in time (more on this soon) - added to which I've been house hunting for a place to rent, just awaiting references and I'll be on the move.

The hobby fund saw very little activity, a couple of minor sales and one purchase for my WFB Chaos Army which thanks to the first of the vouchers I recieved following success at the Dice & Dagger tourny came to a staggering £1.15 - I suspect that things wont change much in the coming month either as I've once again got my hands full needing to finish the Praetorian Ogryns and of course with Christmas just around the corner. The New Year will see the Hobby Fund reach the grand old age of 1 year and a resurgence in it - hopefully.

  • Starting Balance 1st November = £106.15

  • Sales in November = £13.00

  • Sales Fee's in November = -£0.59

  • Purchases in November = -£1.15

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = £0.00

  • Reaver Fund Repayment = £0.00

  • Balance 1st December = £117.41

  • Reaver Fund Outstanding = £325.00


Wolfy said...

Glad to see you are keeping on top of your funds col!

Wolfy said...
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