Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Hobby Fund (1st April)

Okay, still not back into hobby mode after getting back, I've been ctaching up with a whole host of other things which I need to get done first, one of those is balancing the books so without further ado here's an update on the hobby fund.

March went pretty well all in all with lots of sales including most of the remaining Krieg stuff I had, with a final gross sale of almost £170, of course that adds up to a hefty sales bill on ebay, even worse once Pay Pal fee's are added on. Purchases were actually relatively minor, a few bits an pieces and the killer a Shadowsword which I could'nt resist in the end - opps.

  • Starting Balance 1st March (Previous Sales) = £30.94

  • Sales in March = £169.13

  • Sales Fee's in March = -£22.10

  • Purchases in March = -£77.71

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = £4.12

  • Balance 1st April = £104.38

It's not likely that I'll sell much in what remains of April, more likely I'll concentrate on sorting out more, I'll then line up some sale threads on the likes of Warseer, and maybe pop a post of what I'm getting rid of on the blog for anyone who's interested. There's also the Legionary event coming up in Exeter early next month which offers a 'Bring & Buy' stall, so I'm almost certainly putting some things up for sale there.


The Inner Geek said...

I think it's great that you put so much thought into tracking your hobby fund. I'm quite guilty of spending money like crazy one month then not spending at all for a while. I like to think it all evens out, but I guess if it really did I'd not be so afraid to track it!

Kevin said...

"I'm quite guilty of spending money like crazy one month then not spending at all for a while. "
Haha, same here!

Yeah, Gravis, I need to do something similar in tracking my hobby fund but I'm afraid that at some points the amount I spend will just be too depressing :p

Elof Gustav Eklund said...

Hi. I have started to collect praetorians for my imperial guard army but i do not know of any good sources to get some ordinary soldiers. If you know of any good way email me on

Best regards: Elof G. Eklund

Col.Gravis said...

It is quite interesting to realise how much you spend on your hobby, and while I'm not really trying to significantly reduce my hobby spending yet it's been quite satisfying to balance the books by selling things which I'm really not using, doing it that way it's not actually depressing at all ;)

Elof, I'm afraid the only real way to get them in any numbers these days is wait for bargains to come up on Ebay, set yourself a price and stick to it, dont get tepted to pay above the odds because someone wants them just as badly as you do at that particular moment, while it's true Praetorians go for more then almost any other GW Guard models it's still possible to do it relatively cheeply with a little patience.