Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Tank Commander & Veterans Night 14/8

Played a game with my current GT list last night against my friends Tau consisting of a Crisis Commander, 3 Crisis suits, 1 Deep Striking Tank hunting Crisis suit, a squad of Stealth suits, 3 squads of Firewarriors, 2 squads of Kroot, a Piranah, two Hammerheads, one with Railgun the other with Ion Cannon and a Broadside.

The mission was loot counter based with five placed, four on my right, one on my left, my deployment saw a firebase in a ruin on my right, supported by the Russ which was dangerously countered by a Hammerhead and Broadside, the bulk of my infantry meanwhile was in the center, with the bulk of the Tau force to my left with blocked LoS by a large building.

I got first turn which almost certainly saved my Russ, driving it at full speed out of LoS while my infantry surged up the board taking within the first couple of turns 3 of the loot counters, the left collapsed under pressure from Stealth suits, Kroot, Crisis suits and Firewarriors with no chance of me recovering it, but that was'nt really an issue with the four realtively tightly clustered loot counters on the right I had no intention of going for the left hand one with more then a token force. Turn three saw some lucky shooting with both Hammerheads downed which basicly wrapped it up thanks to my Mortars dealing effectively with two squads of Firewarriors and reducing the Crisis suits below half strength when a couple of squads failed too. With so much commited to the left he was unable to bring sufficient firepower or scoring units to deny me the counters I took early on with the Russ and Pirahna contesting the forth. The result was approximately 900VPs to 2000VPs.

Progress on the army meanwhile, well alot more done to the Roughrider masters, with a little luck I hope to have the finished masters ready sometime next week, I've begun painting the Russ - the Commander is however finished.

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