Monday, 13 August 2007

More Progress/Getting Worried

Well made more progress, not alot, but a little! The Roughriders horses are done, the Leman Russ is for the most part undercoated, and I'm making more progress on Roughrider masters, arms are slowly taking shape (yes arms in the plural, I'm making more then enough variants on the assumption I wont be happy with some of them) - however with weeks ticking by I am getting a little jittery if I'll get it done or not - time will tell! On the bright side despite not being ready for it the casting kit I ordered has arrived, I was'nt expecting it for another couple of weeks (shipped in from the US as it was considerably cheaper to order a starter kit this way - okay maybe not, but as a set it was, and this being my first delve into casting I did'nt want to take any chances). I've also just started playing around with a little extra, a Priest with Eviscreator, a nice fun conversion really, nothing more. Onto the pictures!

More Roughrider Mounts

Leman Russ Tank Commander WIP

Leman Russ WIP

Thankyou Micro-mark!

Priest WIP

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