Monday, 9 May 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Well stylish is something I've never been called before, however, it seems my blog may buck that trend! The Stylish Blogger Award is something of a viral chain mail award, awarded by blogging peers as a kinda of a 'well done, keep up the good work' sort of thing. I'm quite chuffed to have been nominated in the past few days by four of my fellow bloggers; Admiral Drax, Col.Corbane, Molotov & Klaus.

Thanks chaps!

There are four rules for those who receive the award and choose to participate,

- Thank and link back to the person giving you the award
- Share seven things about yourself
- Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
- Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award

So without further ado seven things you may or may not know about me;

1 - I've been collecting and playing GW games for about 14 years.
2 - I've been collecting and playing non-GW games for about 2 years.
3 - I'm getting married to my (thankfully very) hobby tolerant fiancee in just under a years time.
4 - I've only ever finished painting a single army (Sisters of Battle). I sold them.
5 - My Praetorian IG are on their third or possibly forth repaint/incarnation, I'm not quite sure!
6 - My day job is as an Audio Visual Engineer in a Secondary School & College.
7 - I will NEVER escape the infamous local legend of the Skull White & Blood Red 'Ambulances' that were my very first Leman Russ.

Next up is picking the bloggers who I'll nominate, in no particular order these are;

Ron from From the Warp - A true legend of the hobby blogging circuit.

AJ from AJ's Gaming World - An excellent painter and converter.

Target from Targets Painting Blog - A local to me, and an exceptionally talented painter, his blog is well worth a look.

misterjustin from Secret Weapon Miniatures - Justin has done and continues to do great things with his company Secret Weapon miniatures, and just can't help himself but to churn out excellent tutorials.

Ryan from On the Painting Table - The Tuesday Top Ten, do I need to say any more?

Dave from Dave Taylor Miniatures - It goes without saying why Dave Taylor is on my list.

Crosser Modelling from Crosser Modelling - A fellow Praetorian collector, but with plenty more armies besides, a solid hobby blog.

Mike, John, Mik and Rob from Santa Cruz Warhammer - The Barter Bucket, the Charity Projects, and the rest, unmissable.

All the guys from The Fly Lords of Terra - The guys who bring us Bell of Lost Souls, I've had the pleasure of their company while in the US, a brilliant group of guys and an excellent blog.

, and as it happens though all three have been nominated already I'll be returning the thought to those who nominated me, all three are in my google reader favorites!

Col.Corbane from Corbania Prime - An excellent hobby blog, and also hub to the Parade Ground for IG.

Klaus from Dei Greci - I don't believe there is anything Klaus couldn't build with plasti-card.

Admiral Drax from Admiral Drax - If Heinkein did IG blogs...

Molotov from INQ28 - I've only just come across this blog as a result of the award (so its obviously serving its purpose!), because this looks like another treasure trove to be explored!

Right then... one assignment left to write, then I can get back to some fun!

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Rob said...

found some great blogs from this post! thanks :)